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Sep 15, 2013

I’m a Jewish boy from Israel (I define myself Jewish by nationality and not by religion but really – I would like to define myself as a “human”, the problem , even for a secular guy like me, is that I’m hated by people who consider me to be a Jew because of my origins, whether or not I consider myself to be one. Anyhow (after my Jewish crying :P) two days ago I was talking to a person who is about to learn medicine in Russia. While talking we had reached the magical moment in which I said a sentence with a “god-less scent” to which the person replied with “I actually think that it is amazing how science proves religion more and more as it progresses”.
When I asked something like “wat tha fack ar’ ya shittin’ ’bout?!” I was introduced to this article:
Can you assist me with two things?
1. Surprisingly, the article contains no references what so ever. There is, however, a signature on two of the pictures which I can’t understand (I guess they are in Russian). Can you tell the origin of the pictures or the “research(?es?)”?
2. What can be done to educate people to be just a bit more skeptical about every dumb-ass baseless shit they are shown/told?


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