Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God?

Sep 3, 2013

Sunni and Shia Muslims are killing each other in several nations, most notably in Syria's escalating civil war.

Coptic Christians churches are being torched in Egypt.

In Israel, what passes for peace talks has restarted after years of murder and brutality.

Religion is a common thread in each conflict. But why? Don’t these folks worship the same deity?

After all, Jews, Christians and Muslims all trace their faiths back to a fellow named Abraham, whom they all claim was chosen for special treatment by the Almighty. Why can’t they all get along?

Not academic

The “same God” question is one theologians have hammered at for as long as there have been enough religions for the query to make sense.

The question is hardly academic, though. In fact, a number of politicians, religious leaders and scholars have expressed hope in recent years that a convincing answer on the God question might dampen the violence committed in His name.

Written By: Jeffrey Weiss
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    McCourt says:

    Nobody worships the same god, because all gods are imaginary, and every imagination is different.

    Finally, the long-standing theological question has now been answered.

    You’re welcome..

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  • The question is irrelevant anyway because even if the three Abrahamic religions agreed that they all worshiped the same god, they would still argue about how to worship. The problem is not god, but how these religions put words into his mouth.

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    Alan4discussion says:

    In reply to #1 by McCourt:

    Nobody worships the same god, because all gods are imaginary, and every imagination is different.

    Finally, the long-standing theological question has now been answered.

    I agree! Even within the faiths, individuals all have their own concepts of their god, so while they may claim to worship the same god when it suits them, they will fight and sometimes kill each other over the perceived differences.

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    justinesaracen says:

    In reply to #1 by McCourt:

    Nobody worships the same god, because all gods are imaginary, and every imagination is different.

    Finally, the long-standing theological question has now been answered.

    You’re welcome..

    You took the words out of my mouth, McCourt. Everyone can’t have the same fantasy, and you can therefore argue that no two people of any faith (cough-delusion) have the same imaginary god. So glad we’ve solved that question once and for all.

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  • 9
    Vorlund says:

    Take an ascended ape with its evolved proclivity for violence and a cognitive architecture that sees, in small data sets, rules which don’t actually exist.

    Now give them different books of barmy and bogus rules which are such rotten works of fiction and equivocation that it is feasible to imagine whatever you like and impossible to agree on anything.

    Make sure one of the rules states that true believers should kill non-believers. If you are a true believer any variation no matter how slight falls within the category of someone whom you are allowed to kill and bingo you have created a world where everyone in it is born surrounded by enemies. Simples!

    But you’d think omnipotence with millions of years to exercise omnipotence could come up with something better than that.

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  • In March, Obama gave a speech in Israel, and I was hoping he would have something new to say, but I was disappointed with this:

    But it is also a story that holds within it the universal human experience, with all of its suffering and salvation. It is a part of the three great religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – that trace their origins to Abraham, and see Jerusalem as sacred.

    I wish the people who contest over Jerusalem would think about how pathetic an Ibrahim figure would seem if one appeared today.
    Imagine this “News Report”

    A man was arrested on suspicion of murder today, while trying to bring his son into the Dome of the Rock. He was carrying a large knife, an incendiary device, and forcing his son to carry flammable substances. As the man was dragged away, bystanders heard him shout “But God ordered me to kill and burn him. He is still speaking to me! Cant you hear him?”

    I somehow doubt it would occur to anyone today to start a religion (let alone 3) on the basis of this madness. It somehow lacks the hallmarks of an event that could provide a focus of love, peace and unity. So Obama please ditch Abraham (the ancient one not Lincoln).

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  • 11
    memetical says:

    Dear Jeff. . . . “Why can’t they all get along?”

    Because some groups of fearful, superstitious men of the desert re-designed their own, ‘special’ moral rules and regulations for controlling their ‘elite’ breakaway tribe.

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  • 12
    SaganTheCat says:

    it’s a pointless question and also brilliant in a way.

    the statements “there is only one god” and “they don’t worship our god” are self-contradictory. to believe in the “one true faith” you must accept the people who don’t have your faith, which will always be a global majority, are atheists.

    when a pope tries to suck up to an imam to rail against secularism, he’s siding with someone who refuses to accept jesus is god, someone who can not be saved, therefore is hellbound. he is siding with one of satan’s minions (oh yes, there’s only one god. lots of angels but they’re like totally different from the gods of polytheism. apparently). or vice versa.

    If a religious leader refuses to accept the religion of others, there is war. when their god demands peace

    the point is. however you look at it, right or wrong, you’re damned. by your own god.

    You can not win, you can not break even and you can’t get out of the game.

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  • 14
    Light Wave says:

    Having religious faith is equal to being gullible and hoping what they told you is true – like a child !
    Being faithful to your religion is obedience and unchallenging submission of your free thinking mind entirely to your religious leader’s will – Is that not mind Slavery ?
    The question should not be about a non existing entity – ‘he’ is only a power tool of the religious leaders and has only ever came out of the pen of scribes…..the problem is people – mostly violent men in constant power struggles and border expansions….Jostling for supremacy, getting offended at everything, smiting enemies – each thinks only they are right…Duh…none of them are right or chosen people or anything special that they claim….none of them want to be associated with the other two – even though they all allegedly came from Abraham who likely came to ancient Sumeria from Brahmin ‘Hindu’ India…
    Scientists can prove Higgs particles exist – and have thus far proved god doesn’t exist or we would have spotted him/them hiding somewhere !

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  • 16
    aldous says:

    All gods have common characteristics which make them definable as gods. They also have many differences. Both Aphrodite and Yahweh are supernatural beings but the oriental despot and mass murderer is not the embodiment of love. All human beings have a vast amount in common biologically but it’s what makes them different that is morally significant. They are not interchangeable divinities any more than Stalin and Gandhi are equally worthy representatives of humanity.

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  • 17
    disillusioned hippy says:

    do christians,jews and muslims all worship the same god? are pixies,elves and gnomes all really the same creatures?anybody know? anybody care?

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  • Even if I believed in a god, I wouldn’t believe in the gods of those who inhabit this planet. My god would not have condoned the ‘holy books’ that are contradictory. My god would make sense and be intelligent. Lets resurrect some of the old gods. They made more sense.

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  • 19
    MilitantNonStampCollector says:

    Islam is a plagiarism of Christianity which is a copy and paste job of Judaism. The whole thing is an imaginary mish-mash of contradictory nonsense – a fanatical copy of a third hand copy of a mistranslation of a Chinese whisper.

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  • 20
    Graham1 says:

    Clearly not. When the Jewish god Yahweh revealed himself to the Jews he permitted alcohol but banned pork. When the Christian god, known as the Lord, came along – he said alcohol was still OK and it’s alright now to eat pork. Then the Muslim god Allah popped up and he decided to ban both alcohol and pork after all. Now, to my mind we are either dealing with one capricious god who can’t make up his simple mind or else we are dealing with three entirely different gods. Just look at the three holy books: can anyone say they are from the same author? It’s a bit like concluding “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, “The Hobbit” and “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ” have been penned by the same hand.

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  • 21
    alaskansee says:

    In reply to #9 by Vorlund:

    Take an ascended ape with its evolved proclivity for violence and a cognitive architecture that sees, in small data sets, rules which don’t actually exist.

    Speak for yourself but please don’t speak for any of my ancestors, Mine had a proclivity for skimming stones but it would be pointless to mention that too. Pattern seeking, now that’s interesting.

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  • 23
    Mr DArcy says:

    Ah yes the “moral certitude” of Christians ! Whilst the bishops of Britain were happily blessing the bombs to be dropped on Germany during WW2, the German bishops were equally devout in their support of the Third Reich and its weapons of destruction. The Russians, despite Stalin, with their yet third variety of Christianity, were indeed certain that God was on their side also. What we in the west call the Eastern Front is called the Great Patriotic War in Russia. The end result of which was some 20 million dead, with Christians on both sides slaughtering each other. What was God doing ? Nothing as usual. And that’s the Christians ! Same God, same beliefs. We all know what the German Christians thought about the Jews and how they acted on it.

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  • 24
    Simon Tuffen says:

    Theologians: “You all worship the same god.”

    Christians, Jews and Muslims: “Yes! We all worship the same god.”

    Michael Palin: “I don’t.”

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  • 25
    Agrajag says:

    Christians think the muslim god doesn’t exist.

    Muslims think the christian god doesn’t exist.

    Atheists think they are both right.

    (I heard this somewhere; not mine)


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  • 26
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    The main characteristic that is built into all monotheistic religions is that they are mutually intolerant of each other. To ask the question “do they worship the same god?” has no meaning because the main tenet of each of these religions is that theirs is the ONLY true god and that any of the other gods are simply the false idols of misled “unbelievers”.

    Furthermore, all monotheistic religions consider the worship of a false god to be an act of blasphemy. To ask the question “why can’t they all get along?” is to demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding about what the dogmas of these monotheistic religions demand of their followers. Believers are not expected to think, they are expected to listen and blindly obey.

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  • 27
    ZedBee says:

    No two people, let alone all members of the Judaic, Christian and Muslim clubs, can possibly imagine, picture, or worship the same god. When an entity is made up out of thin air it exists only in the imagination of the person believing in it blindly. The three Middle Eastern religions don’t even have proper names for their gods. One is an evasive “I am what I am”, the other is something voted democratically (with menaces) at Nicaea as a Troika, and the third is the generic Babylonian word for any god, with the definite article added.

    The guys who made up these gods couldn’t even agree on their characters. The Jewish and Muslim gods promote having mercy and doing good on one page of their “holy” books, then give licence to wholesale murder, rape, slavery, and thieving other people’s land and property on another. The Christian Troika goes one better, he (they) forgives in advance the crimes – however heinous – of generations yet to be born, as long as they give the nod at the moment of their death to the universal “truth” that a son of a virgin Jewess was sired by a spirit, through the agency of a ghost. Oy Veigh.

    These three clubs messed up much more viable belief systems. Before they infested this planet we had 2,968 gods, each a specialist in his or her subject. If you were a Sumerian woman giving birth, you could appeal to Nintu to ease your pain, or to Taweret if you were Egyptian, or to Ilythia if Greek, or to Lucina if Roman

    If you enjoyed a drop of wine, you could toast Ninkasi if you were a Sumerian, or to Dionysus if Greek or to Bacchus if Roman. Who the heck can you now toast if you were a Muslim?

    I won’t go down the list to the last of the 2,968 gods. We have three thoroughly nasty new ones and we may either believe in them or join the 16% of the world population who think for themselves.

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  • 28
    Blasphemyman says:

    All theses proles pray to their imaginary God; the sacerdotalists intervene by proclaiming the validity of their desultory dogma.
    Hence as McCourt says the prayer to the wall is a processs of fiction!

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  • 29
    ikinmoore says:

    It is the theology which causes the most problems. I once knew a christian who thought that Islam came from the devil and jews murdered Christ. Still, as Mccourt put it ” because all gods are imaginary, and every imagination is different”….

    All religions are a curse of the masses

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  • There are three quite different descriptions of Jehovah/Allah(the god).

    • OT : god is petty, violent, sadistic, irrational
    • NT : god is radical leftist. Looking after the poor is the #1 priority.
    • Qur’an : God is abstract, a creator, not like a person, ineffable, almost most like a principle or a force.

    Christians like to cherry pick the OT to justify hurting scapegoats, particularly gays. Oddly Jews seem to take these verses with a much larger grain of salt.

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  • 33
    Alan4discussion says:

    In reply to #32 by Roedy:

    There are three quite different descriptions of Jehovah/Allah(the god).

    But that is only if you miss out the earlier history! They have been bickering and murdering over versions of gods for much longer than that!

    Ancient Judaism and Canaanite Religions

    Ugarit was an ancient city in what is now northern Syria, which existed from before 6000 B.C.E. (or approximately 2000 years before the creation of the Universe, if you’re a young-Earth creationist) to around 1200 B.C.E. It was rediscovered in 1928:

    The excavations uncovered a royal palace of 90 rooms laid out around eight enclosed courtyards, many ambitious private dwellings, including two private libraries (one belonging to a diplomat named Rapanu) that contained diplomatic, legal, economic, administrative, scholastic, literary and religious texts. Crowning the hill where the city was built were two main temples: one to Baal the “king”, son of El, and one to Dagon, the chthonic god of fertility and wheat.

    On excavation of the site, several deposits of cuneiform clay tablets were found, constituting a palace library, a temple library and — apparently unique in the world at the time — two private libraries; all dating from the last phase of Ugarit, around 1200 BC.

    Ugaritic religion centered on the chief god, Ilu or El, the “father of mankind”, “the creator of the creation”. The Court of El or Ilu was referred to as the ‘lhm. The most important of the great gods was Hadad, the king of Heaven, Athirat or Asherah (familiar to readers of the Bible), Yam (Sea, the god of the primordial chaos, tempests, and mass-destruction) and Mot (Death). Other gods worshipped at Ugarit were Dagon (Grain), Tirosch, Horon, Resheph (Healing), the craftsman Kothar-and-Khasis (Skilled and Clever), Shahar (Dawn), and Shalim (Dusk). Ugaritic texts have provided biblical scholars with a wealth of material on the religion of the Canaanites and its connections with that of the Israelites.

    Asherah is interesting because of her status in Canaanite religion. She is the “consort” of El, and the mother of his 70 sons.

    Scholars believe that Asherah was worshipped by many in ancient Israel and Judah, referred to by Jeremiah as “the Queen of Heaven.” – Jeremiah 7.18:

    Another interesting Canaanite God is Ba’al, who is mentioned in tanakh. Orthodox Jews understand Ba’al to be a false god — or several false gods — quite popular in Jeremiah’s time.

    Now in tanakh, YWHW is the same God as El. But YHWH may have started out in Canaanite religion as one of the 70 sons of El.

    Now the Jewish version reads “sons of Israel” in place of “sons of El,” but the first time we see that version is from a manuscript dating 700 years later than the above. “The older reading implicates an original polytheist context at the birth of Judaism. Within this framework, humanity was divided into seventy peoples, each with its own patron god. Yahweh takes Jacob as his, shedding additional light on the textual meaning of the chosen people.”

    Many scholars argue that the plural form of “Elohim”

    reflects early Judaic polytheism. They argue it originally meant ‘the gods’, or the ‘sons of El,’ the supreme being. They claim the word may have been singularized by later monotheist priests who sought to replace worship of the many gods of the Judean pantheon with their own singular patron god YHWH alone.

    The alternative polytheist theory would seem to explain why there are three words built on the same stem: El, Elohim, and eloah. El, the father god, has many divine sons, who are known by the plural of his name, Elohim, or Els. Eloah, might then be used to differentiate each of the lesser gods from El himself.

    Dan Brown may have been wrong about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, but a pretty strong case can be made not only for El/YHWH and Asherah, but for an even bigger cover-up than the one in The Da Vinci Code — that the earliest Jews were polytheistic!

    It seems that “god the creator ” did not have an “only son”, but had a wife and 70 sons – If you read the earlier library versions which are not in the adopted OT/NT bible!

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