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    Mr DArcy says:

    I can see why no-one else has commented.

    So, so sad that a large chunk of the human race still regard their daughters as property to be traded. What a perverted world view.

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    Neodarwinian says:

    I saw this at you tube, used it in a religious argument at fluther, but when my opponent clicked on the link it was ‘ deleted by poster. ‘

    Nonetheless,, a very powerful video that many should see. The group pictures of child brides and their grown and disgusting husbands does make a strong point. First time I have ever seen such and I was powerfully moved.

    Strange, some of this has changed! The large group picture is no longer included in this version of the video. Editing needed perhaps?

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    old-toy-boy says:

    I often think that I waste far to much time arguing with religious idiots on the internet. Then I see a video like this and realise there is nothing wrong me. After I am dead, having argued with fundamentalists on the internet, will be my only long term, significant contribution I will have made, to making the world a better place.

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