Love your book!, Converts, Sun, Sep 15 2013 #(2115)

Sep 15, 2013

Mr. Dawkins
I was born and raised mormon and even served as a missionary for two years. I realized during my mission days that the bible and book of mormon are ridiculous frauds and since then I have secretly been an atheist. I bought your book “The God Delusion”, during last semester and I absolutely loved it. It is entertaining and informative from cover to cover. Unfortunately, a family member of mine found your book that I bought and threw it away but I am definitely going to buy another copy when I return to school this fall. Someday I’m going to be open about my beliefs but right now it is not yet a reasonable option. I’m sure you have heard how mormons treat family and friends that defect from their religion. I do try to help some reasonable people to shed their absurd beliefs though; I share my beliefs through the internet and I’m looking for other ways to become involved as well.

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