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Sep 15, 2013

I have never been more thankful to anyone than to you for helping me set myself to the path of freethinking and unshackling myself from the repulsive indoctrination of the desert cult called Islam. I never actually thought that simple freethinking can be so exposing of the primitive myths and superstitions of religion which only survive through childhood indoctrination. Your books and videos have really taught me what real intellectual thinking encompasses.

As a ex-Muslim it hasn’t been easy to be an Atheist in a country full of barbaric trigger happy fanatic fundos that will alienate you for merely expressing your denial of Islamic doctrine. Day after day I get to watch the followers of Religion of Pieces commit horrendous things without being able to articulate against them for fear of rejection and worse, charges of blasphemy. Even my family’s intolerance is increasing towards me and they try in all persuasive ways including emotional blackmailing to bring me back to the “right path” but I’m determined that they’re never going to succeed.

But getting to see that brilliant minds like yourself are tirelessly at work to set the world free of the evils of religion is also a great delight. I’m really hopeful for the future and the death of religion which is doubtlessly inevitable.

I wish to all my best wishes for your good health and success in your noble endeavors. You are my greatest hero.
Ali Haideri

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