Obcast Episode 5: Catherine Dunphy – Escaping from Religion, Lighting a Path for Others | Near-Earth Object

Sep 7, 2013

Catherine Dunphy might have been a nun. Luckily for the world, as she asked tough questions and opened her eyes to the dark machinery of institutional Catholicism, Catherine cast her faith aside. Now she brings her considerable intellect and compassion to the Clergy Project, helping secretly-atheist pastors cope with their impossible situation and begin the process of a transition out. Catherine and I talk about her remarkable journey, how she now helps guide others through theirs, and the deep implications of faith traditions crumbling from the inside.

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Written By: Paul Fidalgo
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  • When Europeans were studying North America, they sought out trails. Those that came after them had it easier with wider, better-marked trails and maps. In a similar way we need to map out the escape routes others have used from the various religions. People like me come up with paths that would work to free an atheist brainwashed with LSD, but not somebody with religion burned into the bone.

    I have noticed in various escape stories that the process usually takes years. Sudden change is scary.

    Christians don’t trust logic or argument. They look upon them with the same distrust you have for the logic in a TV ad. They assume there is a sneaky trick in there somewhere simply because the conclusion conflicts with their beliefs. They need stories.

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  • It was a lengthy interview, but worthwhile listening to, I thought. I don’t know how she intended to keep her views from her mother. Making a public broadcast under one’s own name is a risky move.

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  • This is a very long interview. It is a bit like a very thin soup. There are little lumps of interest every once in a while. It is very indulgent. The pair wander off into discussing their children and other not very relevant topics. It is more like listening in on an informal kitchen table conversation than an interview. The first three minutes should have been trimmed. Leaving garbage like that in place shows disrespect for the audience.

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