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Sep 19, 2013

Dear, Mr. Richard Dawkins
First, I would like to thank you for all of your dedicated work towards science, reason, and Atheism. After glazing over some of the disgusting comments made by ignorant “holy-book blabbermouths” just reinforces the concept that Religion is evil, immoral, and a posion to human thought and progress. I have been an Atheist since I can remember. I was never baptized, raised in a Religious household, or indoctrinated by fairytales; thankfully. My Mother was very Liberal, and she is actually an Ex-Catholic, now Agnostic. I am now in College and since I have gotten older, Religion is now everywhere I look and I felt compelled to write this letter to voice my beliefs; I felt the World needed another rational mind out there. I never felt as passionate about my beliefs than I do now; since I am older and venturing out into the “real” World. Prior to this letter, awhile back I had actually gotten into a Facebook debate with a previous teacher and found out that he was VERY much into the whole “Jesus thing”. I posted things that I was into at that time, being a Rebellious teenager that I was; Pictures of Aleister Crowley and things that questioned Organized Relgion and what not. Soon my teacher started writing things under my pictures telling my to stay away from “Witchcraft” and “Darkness.” I was actually more or less amused. However, every time I voiced my opinion about Relgion he would then post more things about how I was headed down the wrong path, so one day I had enough. I wrote a whole enitre paragraph telling him that he couldn’t possibly know the things he claims he does from an old out-dated book. I know I had not gotten through to him, but I felt alot better that I at least made him question, or maybe at least think about his beliefs. And that’s the great thing about us Atheists; we don’t give up, give in, and we make people question things and ideas that they should.

Again, Thank you, from a Fellow Non-Believer.
Travis Black

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