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Sep 15, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,
I have already read your book- “The God Delusion” and have seen a lot of your interviews and some of your documentaries on Charles Darwin.
I found your views quite intriguing and plausible but I was not able to apprehend your views on morality.
I saw your interview on BBC where you said- “Why not teach children things like the Golden Rule, do as you would be done by, how would you like it if other children did that to you, so why do you do it to them..”

As you must be aware that the Golden Rule already has criticisms by eminent philosophers like Immanuel Kant, Marcus George Singer, Bertrand Russell etc.

So my question to you is-:

Firstly, have you already found some way of dissolving these criticisms and applying the Golden Rule for the great cause of morality without exceptions ?

Secondly, if not then, how can you even imagine of dissolving the current method of maintaining moral balance (Religion) without even knowing its repercussions or any method of restoring it?

Lastly, as far as I know, the doctrine of Golden Rule or at least its precursors, themselves came into existence by moral philosophers or priests from ancient civilizations( Greek, Rome , China, India), which were all deeply religious. All these civilizations introduced or talked about a natural force like Nemesis (goddess of vengeance) to explain why it is necessary to follow the Golden Rule and what will be the repercussions of not following it. So are you going to introduce some such force (new gods) in the years to come or do you already have a way out of this enigma ?

I have been deeply inspired by your work and attempts of creating a world based on reason alone, I hope you succeed in this great aspiration of yours.

May GOD be with you
(whose existence i doubt).

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