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Sep 15, 2013

How hilarious the bad and ugly letters on this website are!

What fun it must be to read them when they are directed at you, and how ironic that they are written by people who believe themselves to be of a higher morality than others.

At 20 years old I finally feel content with my beliefs, having struggled for a year with the prospect of an existence without a god.
I have realised that I take more comfort in eternal death than eternal life, also I am flooded with warm feelings of happiness at the knowledge that I am closely related to other animals sharing this planet.

I was raised in a religious household, and my family do not know that I am an atheist. I do not want to hurt them however I must tell them eventually. You have given me the confidence and assurance to maintain my beliefs – I believe that without you I may have slipped and regressed into a life of irrationality.

I first came across you at the beginning of the year, I had taken lsd, which reveals to the mind with a clarity like no other the facts of the universe. Whilst in this state I watched ‘the genius of charles darwin’, which was the most confronting combination of images and words that I have seen. I squirmed and cried and could see how through fear people would turn their backs at such facts. Yet it was so wonderful, so enlightening, so completely absorbing and so bursting with truth that it changed the course of my life.

Thank you for being a voice to those who think, to those who are proud of that which has been discovered by our species and who embrace these discoveries as the amazing facts of life that they are.

I now have the courage to disagree with religious people and live completely in the life of today, not in hope of the life to come.


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