Religion without Deity or Dogma

Sep 29, 2013

Discussion by: MacFR

When I read comments about "atheists" disproving God I am always surprised that I never see any alternative solutions being offered.  I feel that someone trying to disprove the existence of a theist’s deity is as likely to enforce the theists ideas as it is to dispel them.

I do understand that people need to believe in something, I believe that it helps them to avoid living in a state of fear.  Fear being a normal state due to ignorance, which is not a crime and is also understandable as none of us can know everything.  (All of us have fear in some of things that we don't understand – it's a normal self-preservation instinct.)

Does anyone have any thoughts about what alternatives could be considered as replacements to the dogmatic style of religion that we know today?  Is it even possible to have a non-dogmatic, non-deity based "religion"?  I use the word religion in a loose manner – I use it more in the "having something, rather than nothing, to believe in» sense rather than in a theistic sense.

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