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Sep 15, 2013

I salute only Jesus
When I was praying in depth with my prayer group, Jesus told me that you are THE devil. I saw him with MY OWN EYES. Eyes that WERE CREATED by HIM. HE spoke to me directly. HE said that you do satans evil work. My fellow humble Christians said that when I was praying, I was floating. FLOATING OFF THE GROUND. Thats PROOF that gravity is just a theory. Just like “evolution”. SEE how easy it is to prove you WRONG. WHY DOESNT THE MOON FALL DOWN TO EARTH IF THERES GRAVITY. I AM NOT A MONKEY. Its so ovious how stupid sceince IS. Put that in a EXPEIREMENT. Test HOW hot hell is when you hopefully die soon. Bring your preshious sceintific tools so you can accuratley measure it. God will smite you. I would have you burned ALIVE but I am a Christian and thats not what JESUS CHRIST would do. I would ONLY do that if I was an athiest. You should be happy that I am not an athiest because if I WAS, I would do horrible things to you. Have you ever had a cactus SHOVED up your ass? Thats only a taste of what I like to think about DOING to you. You should be thankful that there is religion because if there wasnt we would come after YOU. YOU ARE A SHIT EATING FASHIST LIKE HITLER. YOU CAN GO BURN FOREVER IN HELL WHILE HITLER FUCKS YOU. You are the kind of person WHO would have eaten from the TREE OF KNOWEGE. You are the SNAKE who temted EVE. YOU temt happy Christians into HELL with your books and your videos of EVIL. Their blood is on your hands dick dawkins. GOD is NOT delusional he KNOWS EVERYTHING. You are THE delusional one. Just like a blind watchmaker cant make a watch you cant make a person only GOD could. WHY dont you fucking REALIZE IT. Because you are a stupid athiest FAG and I hope you die a horrible death FAG.

your worst enemy

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