Dear Dr. Dawkins, Converts, Wed, Oct 23 2013 #(2197)

Oct 23, 2013

Please keep up the good work
Throughout my life i was raised as a strict believer in God. Now there where times that i had questions about this and of course the many many flaws the bible had. But since i was raised in a small town where everybody was strictly religious in a very orthodox way. (The closed to WBBC, with the signs and everything) even in the schools i could not get any of my questions answered.

This all changed when i went in the military and got a mission for 6 months in Afghanistan. My CO gave me your book, in responds to a discussion we had. Saying “You are a bright lad find out for your self.” And so i did. And everything made sense for the first time in my life.

Now because of this i am studying to repair what this brainwashing has deprived me. A good solid understanding of evolution and how nature works other than god’s will. In my humble opinion a upbringing like this with only the wrath of god to fear and mambo jumbo about a god having a masterplan, instead of what is correct and proven by science is just bordering on child abuse and i for one am glad that some one is fighting that.

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