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Oct 2, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins
I just finished your book “The God Delusion”
I liked it very much. I was already an atheist before but the topic of religion was always interesting to me. In fact I was fanatically against it and often got into arguments with people which caused allot of anxiety. Your book did raise my consciousness even more and actually had a very calming effect. I now don’t feel so strongly about it as I once did. Perhaps I subconsciously had a doubt. Don’t misunderstand, it has reinforced what I already knew and felt but it is no longer a preoccupation. That’s whats so great about being an atheist it requires so little of one’s time.

The letters section of your site is funny. It seems to prove religious peoples ignorance. You can clearly see the change of intelligence from convert to ugly. The more one is religious the more vulgar and inarticulate they sound. It has made me laugh.

Thank you again for your insight Richard and I hope you don’t let these “crazy” people wear you down. Humanity needs people like yourself to survive these difficult times.
Alex S.

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