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Oct 2, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
I recently proclaimed that I am an atheist-no, an agnostic, to be precise. But I told my parents that I am an atheist anyway. I come from a pious Hindu family and my father holds a prominent position in the government. Knowing this, I thought my father would be appalled to hear my sudden renouncement of faith. Moreover, my mother is even more intimidating when it comes to such matters- matters about religious positions. Astonishing however, my father readily accepted my conversion and told my mom to do the same( My father is the patriarch, my mother had no other choice but to follow my father). I was able to announce my position thanks to you, who I revere. Your acclaimed book, the god Delusion, further fueled my declaration. I have no other way of thanking you than by telling this: I aspire to become an advocate for atheists like you.
Subrat M.

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