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Oct 2, 2013

thankfull to mr. Dawkins
Dear Mr. Dawkins , I am very grateful for all the books that you have written. First of all, it have returned my sincere love toward science. It freed me from religious illusions. And before I was familiar with contradictions in so called holy books and contradictions between them and true science. But some psychological dependence always returned me to that mambo jambo teachings. But your books help me to become powerfull enough to admit myself that only science can fulfill me. Religion is full of obsessive compulsive actions and also to me it turned people into passive zombies. It tell us that there si not purpose without a god , but what kind of pupose is to be , a passive zombie slave to some guy whom is suffering from inferiority complex. And all we need to do is to beg him for mercy, because we are so worthless. Religious people often do not see that they are in cognitive dissonance with their thougts. I am from a small country called Bosnia and Herzegowina, I know that you heard of it , it was a part of former Yugoslavia. It is country where nobody do not invests in science at all and where the number of religious people is huge, and ofcourse all of it reflects on our bad social and economic situation. You know that here people fought wars because of religion, regardless on their common ethnic origin. I study psychology, and I am in love with biology. I really want to improve psychology as a young science, but I am interested in empirical science , in evolutionary psychology not in some kind of Jung mamo jambo assumptions. But people here do not recognize big difference between psychology and religion, true science and rubbish. And because oft hat psychology as a science can not develope here as it should.

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