Kickstarter: Legend of the Ztarr Vol. 1 Graphic Novel and E-book by Sara E Mayhew


Help launch the print edition of Legend of the Ztarr Volume 1, a beautiful ~200 page manga sized paperback! The sword-and-sandals sci-fi epic focuses on a young girl, Adora Ztarr, and her adventure to fight the zealous forces of The Emperor of the Known Universe. Adora uses science-based thinking on her journey to find one of the lost Alethian rings, and replace her father in a prophecy which foretold the Emperor's demise.

Smart young heroine! Science loving role models!

Legend of the Ztarr features heroes who VALUE SCIENCE and fight against knowledge-hating true believers.

Readers who enjoy manga, fantasy, and space opera sci-fi will love Legend of the Ztarr AND be exposed to the basic principles of scientific skepticism–all while enjoying a fun and dramatic manga adventure! The story's themes focus on why it's important to be interested in knowledge seeking and knowing how to evaluate claims. Through our hero, Adora, we can begin to understand the value in being able to distinguish what is true from what we simply want to be true.

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  1. In reply to #1 by SomersetJohn:

    Is this the right place for this advert?

    That’s just what I was thinking but the article was approved for publishing on the site so I guess it must somehow be relevant to critical thinking.

  2. storytelling can promote a love of science and the importance of critical thinking

    Totoro, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

  3. Sara incorporates science and skepticism into her stories. She also blogs about related topics and has given talks at events like TAM (The Amazing Meeting). In reply to #1 by SomersetJohn:

    Is this the right place for this advert?

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