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Oct 23, 2013

I want to express the content I feel with my life now as I have been stripped of my religious horse blinders. Being raised as a modern LDS male youth I was expected to serve a mission and spread the gospel of Christ for two years. I was molded to shape my entire life around this single event and as a result I sacrificed my education in order to become closer to ‘my eternal creator’. I am now in my early 20’s and trying to make it back into college dispite my lack of efforts when the time was ripe. I must say it was hard to come out and tell everyone I had known and grown up with that I didn’t believe a single aspect of what I was taught. I still have people ask me why I left as if I was doing some wicked thing that would cause me to turn from God, but through reading your books I have been able to appropriately respond. I have always had an appreciation for science, but it wasn’t until I read The Greatest Show on Earth that I realized science and religion did not mix. I am a happier person, I appreciate life and nature, and I have a much better perspective on how to live now that I am an out of the closet anti-theist. Professor Dawkins, it was a pleasure seeing you in Chicago talking about your latest book.
Andrew C Maes

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