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Oct 16, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,

Thank you for spreading truth. I was raised Mormonism growing up and always had a hunch that something was just not right! I soon and luckily feel in love with physics and falling in love with Stephen Hawking’s work, Brian Greene, Charles Darwin’s theory on evolution and that there truly is a real independent reality and that you can uncover the poetry of reality by science (I think you famously said it nicely as –

“The poetry of the expanding universe
The poetry of the complexity of life
We’re not normally equipped to understand
And science gives it to us

Science is opening your eyes
To the wonderfulness of what’s there
Science is opening your eyes
To the poetry of the expanding universe”
-Richard Dawkins)

Once I realized I could uncover truth purely by investigating and taking a pure objective approach to the information that is given, and then collecting my own data and analyzing it purely objectively and analytically; I realized I could discover the truth behind things. You help teach me this through your book “The God Delusion” and I just want to say thank you. I was able to study Mormonism and come up with my own theory that the bright light that joseph smith claimed to have as his first vision of god and jesus christ in the woods, and then later of that of the angel Moroni was most likely just the symptoms of typhus, delirium, sensitivity of bright light. It’s absurd to think that it has gathered 14 million followers, but then again Ellen G White was able to convince over 17 million people world wide that she was a prophet. The first mainstream female prophet at that too AFAIK.

Last, I want to ask you for a wish. One that is completely in your control Dr Dawkins. I’m sick! I have ESRF (end stage renal failure) and I’ve already have come to acceptance with it (mostly by listening to how Christopher Hitchens dealt with his demise from cancer). It’s a disturbing and shocking fact once psychologist and other doctors try to prepare you for the worse. My wish, Dr Dawkins given I have only 2-4 years left on dialysis although i’m bargaining with healthy diets and lifestyles to possibly extend my life a bit longer and I’m only 27. Anyways, my wish is to have dinner with you and have you and I just have a discussion on evolution, philosophy and life itself. One of my wishes is to have a discussion with you, Christopher Hitchens and others who have helped me come to my own enlightenment. Simply put, life is short and when you want something you should go after it 100% with love and heart. It’s too late to have the dinner with Christopher Hitchens it’s not too late to get a dinner with Dr Richard Dawkins and have a discussion on science, philosophy and life itself. It would be one of my ultimate dreams come true. I would also have 3 of your books “The Selfish Gene”, “The God Delusion” and “The Greatest Show on Earth” which I would want you to sign at leas one. I live in Raleigh NC and I’m 27. I’m a programmer for Wells Fargo and in my down time from dialysis (which is full-time) and my full-time job at Wells Fargo I study science, make video games and write a book entitled, “Hitting below the bible belt” (I’m sure you get the pun) and would love to have your input on it.

Also, watch this cause it’s awesome

C.S. Finch

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