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Oct 16, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins
Thank you for inspiring me to investigate the world as it truly is. I am currently studying at Sydney University in Neuroscience & Psychology research.

I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish school all my life. Our school lacked scientific education. I did not do any science in the last 2 years of high school due to a lack of emphasis on its importance. Throughout this time I was always interested in science’s endeavour: to explain how the world works and came to be.

Towards the end of school I dropped the idea of a personal and caring God from my mind and later the entire idea altogether. Nowadays I see the importance of cultural traditions and my Jewish heritage. Of course when practising such traditions it is not based on faith in a God, but rather on reason – that I feel a sense of belonging to a cultural people. My sense of awe in nature and in cultural diversity enriches my idea of life’s capabilities.

As soon as I began university, I slowly eased into the science class room. It has been a difficult task but the key idea that you often espouse in your books or films is the same force that drives me to learn.

Thank you.
Kind regards, Nathan.

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