Moroccans stage ‘kiss-in’ to support accused teens


A few dozen Moroccans staged a symbolic “kiss-in” Saturday in support of three teenagers arrested for posting pictures on Facebook of two of them sharing a kiss.

Only around a dozen couples actually locked lips in the gathering outside parliament, but the demonstrators insisted they had defended the right to public displays of affection in Morocco’s conservative society.

The kissing case has sparked uproar online, with people protesting against what they see as creeping conservatism in the Muslim country long known for being relatively liberal and tolerant.

More than 2,000 people had indicated they would take part in Saturday’s “kiss-in” but the vast majority failed to show, indicating a gulf between online activism and actual on-the-street protests.

The demonstrators gathered outside parliament for “a symbolic kiss of love”, one participant, Nizar Benamate, told AFP after the display before a group of onlookers and reporters.

Written By: AFP
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  1. But…but..but…WHAT is going on in that photo???

    (Which is a lot more fun to post than my despair that everywhere you look, a few religious nutcases can so easily ruin things for everybody – why don’t the judges ever tell them to get a grip and go home?)

  2. I knew nothing what so ever about Islam on the occasions I went to Morocco; I was fascinated by the country.

    But that was many moons ago, and I wouldn’t wish to go there again now.

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