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Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has penned the first volume of his projected two-part memoir about his life in science.

The first book, "An Appetite for Wonder," chronicles the scientist's life until 1976 and the publication of his influential book "The Selfish Gene."

"You get a sense about what shaped Richard Dawkins' views not just on atheism, although he says in the book that he became an avowed atheist at like 15 years old and never faltered after that," said Kerri Miller on The Daily Circuit. "But also the different experiences he had in public and private schools in Britain."

From the NPR review:


Dawkins recalls with great enthusiasm some of his initial experiments at Oxford, looking into things like the evolutionary antecedents of human language, behavioral patterns of chicks when deprived of natural sunlight, and the decision-making processes of flies. No revolutionary results emerged from these various studies. But Dawkins sees all of them as exercises in discovering new methods of thinking about animal behavior, and his attention to detail is a joy to read.

READ: Excerpt from "An Appetite for Wonder."

Dawkins joins The Daily Circuit to discuss his memoir. (listen to audio below) 


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