Texas Textbook Publishers Say No To Creationism


It appears that science is prevailing in the latest battle over Texas schoolbooks.

Though earlier this year several of the state’s textbook reviewers called for biology textbooks to discuss creationism, publishers are not complying with those requests, according to the Texas Freedom Network. The nonpartisan watchdog examined material made public by the Texas Education Agency and found that publishers are sticking with teaching evolution.

Citizens who serve on the Texas review panels are charged with making suggestions about proposed classroom texts that are being considered for the state's list of “approved” schoolbooks. While most reviewers on this year’s biology panel made routine, noncontroversial suggestions, some took issue with the fact that the proposed books did not include information about creationism while focusing on evolution.

However, information that publishers submitted to the Texas Education Agency show they are not incorporating the suggestions about "creation science" and plan to print books free of references to the theory of intelligent design.

“This is a very welcome development for everyone who opposes teaching phony science about evolution in our kid’s public schools,” said Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller in a press release. “Texas parents can applaud these publishers for standing up to pressure from politicians and activists who want to put their personal beliefs ahead of giving Texas students a 21st-century science education.”

Written By: Rebecca Klein
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  1. It’s about time. Things are changing and although the supporters of ignorance are making even more noise, they are “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  2. This is very good news. Mind you, publishers work in a very competitive and ruthless market, and it costs a lot of money to publish a book. They need to be confident that a profit can be made, or at least that costs can be recovered, when they undertake to publish a book. Publishers are usually well-educated, intelligent people who would recognize the difference between science and pseudoscience and would understand that publishing a science textbook with fraudulent content is not a good business proposition.

  3. There are three truths about the battle over evolution in US schools that have held for decades: (i) What happens in Texas determines what textbook the country uses (because Texas buys so many textbooks), (ii) Texas is one of the more creationist audiences in terms of its textbook preferences, and (iii) We have to have these battles over and over again, because creationists aren’t put off no matter how many courts rule against them (they’ve lost literally every case other than the Scopes trial). You can see why these three together are bad for science lessons. Now (ii) is at least temporarily wrong, but will (ii) continue to be false, or will (iii) continue to be true? My hope is that the falsity of (ii) will (a) become permanent because it’s (b) due to demographic changes.

    Well, why might it? Texas is becoming increasingly Hispanic, and the “Mexicans are Catholics as opposed to other religions” stereotype misses the fact that many Mexicans aren’t devoutly religious, and maybe not even religious at all. Republicans who miss this have been surprised by the fact that Hispanics disproportionately vote for Democrats, and at least one Republican has argued that Texas will on current trends eventually become a blue state (which had him worried because it seems impossible for Republicans to win any more Presidential elections if that happens). So that gives you an idea of how many Hispanics are flowing into Texas. I don’t know if any data says that Hispanics are disproportionately likely to want good science textbooks (although the fact the RCC has kinda sorta embraced evolution is handy even if Hispanics are all a bunch of Catholics), but it’s a plausible way Texas could stop demanding creationist textbooks.

  4. It’s sad that so much time, energy, effort and money are spent on this non-issue every year.

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  6. I can see that the pressure exerted by the talented secular faction within the USA might cripple the reputation of publishers of educational books; if they published anti evolution creationist nonsense?

  7. The publishers/educated teaching the school boards. We in the UK may in the last resort have to rely on a similar tactic if our politicians don’t stop pandering for votes and start applying effective policies.

  8. Good news on one hand, disturbing news on the other. It’s good that this creationist crap didn’t make it into textbooks. It is, however, very disturbing that such BS is even seriously examined and discussed with such seriousness. The notion of this ridiculous, childish, supernatural nonsense being taught to pupils as an alternative to serious science is frightening the heck out of me. The worst part of all this is that actively coping with pseudoscience and other such mumbo-jumbo requires brainpower, time and money – all of which could be better spent elsewhere. How can this still be a seriously treated issue in 2013?!
    As sad as this will sound, I’m convinced that publishers will flip it completely 180, when the numbers turn in favor of creation pseudoscience – they’re running a business, after all.

  9. Someday hopefully headlines like this will be the domain of the Onion, right next to the article “Scientists report seeds turn into plants when watered”.

  10. Intelligent Design is not a theory! When will writers stop saying this?! You wanna be a theory, you got to EARN it!

  11. Texas yee-haws got their way a few years back, when Social Studies textbooks were altered to “reflect the conservative nature of our state”.

    satire cartoon

  12. Bravo publishers!! Thank goodness they are standing up to those religious ignoramuses in the Texas school board.

  13. @Matt G — Intelligent Design might be a theory but there is certainly no proof to support it. Its supporters need to produce empirical evidence for it to be taken seriously and included in any textbook. Kudos to the publishers for not caving to Texan Evangelicals.

  14. In reply to #14 by tcunneff:

    @Matt G — Intelligent Design might be a theory but there is certainly no proof to support it. Its supporters need to produce empirical evidence for it to be taken seriously and included in any textbook. Kudos to the publishers for not caving to Texan Evangelicals.

    Matt G is quite correct that “Intelligent Design” is not a scientific theory.


    A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step—known as a theory—in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a phenomenon.

    The problem is with the vernacular use of the word “theory” for any old speculative notion!

    @link – When used in non-scientific context, the word “theory” implies that something is unproven or speculative.

    As used in science, however, a theory is an explanation or model based on observation, experimentation, and reasoning, especially one that has been tested and confirmed as a general principle helping to explain and predict natural phenomena.

    Any scientific theory must be based on a careful and rational examination of the facts. In the scientific method, there is a clear distinction between facts, which can be observed and/or measured, and theories, which are scientists’ explanations and interpretations of the facts. Scientists can have various interpretations of the outcomes of experiments and observations, but the facts, which are the cornerstone of the scientific method, do not change.

  15. This is an excellent development. On the “theory” issue, scientists and science educators have to commit to using the word hypothesis when it is appropriate. There needs to be a concerted effort to stop saying “theory” when we mean “hypothesis”. and, that effort needs to start ASAP and start with us.

  16. In reply to #16 by crookedshoes:

    This is an excellent development. On the “theory” issue, scientists and science educators have to commit to using the word hypothesis when it is appropriate. There needs to be a concerted effort to stop saying “theory” when we mean “hypothesis”. and, that effort needs to start ASAP and start with…

    That is an interesting point every professor I have had in college has said that a theory is the highest thing a hypothesis can become. Theory includes facts, laws, and multitudes of evidence supporting it (e.g. gravitational theory, theory of evolution).

  17. You are no doubt correct that publishers follow the path of highest profit, but perhaps that is the best news in this story. To me it indicates that the publishers judge that creationist textbooks are too risky a venture; possibly due to factors such as limited acceptance nationally, negative publicity, and a history of losing in legal challenges.
    Some good news for Aron Ra.

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