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Oct 2, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins
I just had to write and tell you thanks for your courage and camaraderie you have given me (unbeknownst to you).
I grew up in a Southern Baptist home where I was forced to go every Sunday to listen to the preacher howl about the impending doom of the planet and my eternal damnation in the lake of fire if i didn’t do everything according to their beliefs.
The calming intelligence and truth of your words I heard in the God Delusion helped me put those ghosts to rest.
I now like to put on my Atheist T-shirt and go out and be as helpful and pleasant as i can so i may be a missionary to the cause, showing people that atheists can be good and caring people too. Morals don’t come from a supernatural being but from within my own self. We are all on this beautiful planet together and the faster we can cure this religion problem the better off we will be.

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