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Oct 2, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins
I have read all your books and I am glad that you are tackling this issue which has gone unnoticed for a long time. There is more acceptance of atheism (not that I needed acceptance) today.
I was “born” to a muslim family and unfortunately there was no chance for me to question anyone/anything, I had silently questioned the whole concept of organised religion and god, since I was a little girl.
For me, if God existed there wouldn’t have been any suffering (orphan kids, special kids, killings in the name of religion). I challenged a lot of people who had faith and everyone gave me some kind of theory which just failed in logic. Anyways, for a few years, I searched, researched, explored religions and evolution. Eventually I had decided that I am an Atheist.
My breakthrough to openly announce that I was an Atheist came when I reached New Zealand and had broken all ties with my family. I am happy with my beliefs, as for me moral values are more important than pretending to believe in a God and enforce it on others.
Currrently, I am studying Biological Anthropology and wish to contribute to the scientific society.

Thank you for taking a stand.

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