Atheist Credo, Good, Thu, Nov 14 2013 #(2174)

Nov 14, 2013

I have been looking for an atheist credo of some sort and haven’t found one that I like, so I decided to write one. Your ideas and comments would be appreciated:

We believe in the Big Bang,
a force almighty,
maker of space, time, all matter,
and of all that is explicable and yet inexplicable.

We believe in the laws of physics, the only proven and logical explanation of the universe, painstakingly begotten from scientists.

Proof from evidence, light from internal nuclear reactions in stars,
true facts from true scientific methods,
arrived at, not made, through study and the desire of man to know.

For us and for our knowledge came down through generations of thinkers, was tested and re-tested and became the truth.

For our sake scientific hypotheses are studied and rigorously tested, suffer scrutiny and are proven or disproved.

Through science we have risen into the “heavens” and are forever travelling on the right path of knowledge.

And we will go again and again for the glory of science to discover new worlds, and our curiosity will have no end.

We believe in Evolution, the only explanation for life, which was discovered by Darwin and has been proven by other scientists and will continue to be spoken of and studied for generations to come.

We believe in no one source of absolute truth.

We acknowledge one method for the discovery of the truth: the scientific method.

We look for nothing beyond what can be scientifically proven and celebrate the beauty and mystery of life in the universe.



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