Bring Richard Dawkins to your town in April!

Nov 27, 2013

Richard is returning to the United States in April and we're planning his trip. Why should your city be chosen? Make a comment and prove that many will attend by getting friends to "like" your comment. We'll focus on those cities with the best arguments and enthusiasm!


Tell us what is great about your city/town and why Richard should make a stop there!  Post your responses in the comments below and on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ using the hashtag #WheresRichard.  We’ll go to the best, most interesting places!  Ready…set…go!

Here's yout LAST CHANCE to make your case before we start choosing!

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116 comments on “Bring Richard Dawkins to your town in April!

  • 1
    AnnaKareninaSF says:

    San Francisco, please. I know Dr. Dawkins was just here, but we are an area of the US who relishes in freethinkers and would welcome him back in a heartbeat.

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  • 2
    Theaviator says:

    I know you also were just in Chicago, Illinois but I would love it if you came back. Your last visit was so interesting! Please consider.

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  • 3
    errindboy says:

    Boston ma. My main reason is cause I would love to attend…..but I guess a good reason for him and humanity as a whole would be to talk to students at some of the best universities in the world, like Harvard for example and help make some very smart people a little more smart where they may be lacking!!!!! Thanks!!!

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  • It is clear that Richard should come to the capital of Virgina. RICHMOND. There is a great university called Viriginia Commonwealth University. They could use a little Dawkins there. Besides, Hitchens gave a debate at VCU back in 2008, Dan Barker visited VCU in 2009 or 2010, David Silverman gave a talk at VCU in 2011. So it’s about time for Dawkins to make an appearance. Plus we have the Jefferson Hotel a 5 star historic hotel:
    Richmond was once the capital of the South during the Civil war…so there is plenty of history. Richard would have fun, meet some wonderful people and enjoy the hospitality of Richmond. Plus, he’s never been there…so that’s reason enough.

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  • Portland, OR . . . A Gallop poll in 2012 lists Oregon a the 5th least religious state in America . . . why? My guess is because so many of us read and love Richard’s books. We also had a huge turnout for him at his book signing/talk with Peter Boghossian in Portland, so an encore appearance would be well attended.

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  • 7
    TheBasedAtheist says:

    Please bring Richard to Columbia, Missouri. I am not aware of Richard ever speaking in Missouri and if he has then I apologise for being unaware of it but Columbia is a liberal city in the heart of a conservative state and it would be greatly appreciated if he could speak at one of our campuses. The University of Missouri is located here and would be a great venue to speak at. There is a great multitude of scientists and atheists who would love to hear Richard speak in person for the first time. Columbia is considered the Athens of Missouri, over 50% of our population have a bachelors or higher, music and art thrives here as well as education, Columbia is home to 3 universities/colleges that are over a century old. Richard would definitely recieve a warm welcome in Columbia.

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  • 8
    mauricioarayapolo says:

    He should come where we need him most, TEXAS!!, do i need say more?
    So, Richard please visit us, Houston will welcome you.

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  • 10
    Luke Weel says:

    You should visit Tilburg, in the Netherlands.
    Because it’s filled with the scientifically illiterate, and people who are completely ignorant of the beauty of the cosmos.
    People who live their lives thinking only of the most trivial things, and have no idea of the vast universe beyond our planet.
    People unable of staring at the night sky and being in awe of what they see.
    It frustrates me and it’s hard to find someone literate to converse with.
    But there are also many who would love to hear and see you speak, including myself.
    I’d see you in any other city of course, or even one of my neighboring countries Germany and Belgium.
    But i’m not in any position of traveling to US anytime soon.

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  • 12
    gritnix says:

    Lancaster County, PA….A place where conservatives rule and atheists feel little ability to come out, this is it. We could really use some encouraging words to be publically spoken here. And I’d be happy to show you around Amish country. 🙂

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  • 13
    sharon.yildiz says:

    Please come to Madison, Wisconsin, USA. My adopted city of Madison is one of the most liberal cities in America, with (I’ve heard) 36% of the population stating that they are atheists. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin (about 50,000 students) and is known for having huge attendance at any events with liberal speakers. Madison also is the most common winner of “Best Small City in America.” It has 4 beautiful lakes, hundreds of miles of bike paths, a gorgeous state capitol building, and tons of museums, theaters, auditoriums and convention centers.

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  • 14
    sharon.yildiz says:

    In reply to #7 by TheBasedAtheist:

    Please bring Richard to Columbia, Missouri. I am not aware of Richard ever speaking in Missouri and if he has then I apologise for being unaware of it but Columbia is a liberal city in the heart of a conservative state and it would be greatly appreciated if he could speak at one of our campuses. T…

    Before Madison, I lived in Columbia MO. I agree with this writer. Columbia would also be another good place to visit. The sole liberal bastion in a state filled with conservative Bible thumpers.

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  • 15
    MrPickwick says:

    Barcelona Catalonia, Spain. Please, Please. He will surely be very effective in comforting the catholic bishops that just this week have been deeply offended by a new caganer (a hugely popular figurine depicted in the act of defecation appearing in nativity scenes in Catalonia) immortalizing (one of the many avatars of) the virgin Mary defecating (link1). The bishops affirm it shows “lack of respect” and that it is “offensive to Catholics” (link2). Presumably they also think lovely pope Francis in the same predicament is also questionable (link3).


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  • Please come to Pittsburgh, PA! We need Richard Dawkins to enlighten our unwashed masses! You would think that a city with first-rate universities (CMU etc.) would be a free-thinker’s haven, but you would be wrong. There may be plenty of atheists on campus, but just try to find them in the general population. You won’t find many. There are closet atheists here who would love to see you live (including me, although I’m “out”).
    Pittsburgh has great convention venues, beautiful rivers and hills, wonderful restaurants, fine museums, lots of cultural activity and loads of hotels. All we need now is your enlightenment!

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  • 17
    Billions and Billions says:

    Minneapolis, MN, which is far north of the bible belt. And because my birthday is in April… would make for a great gift!

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  • 18
    stanleym says:

    I suggest San Jose, California, the center of Silicon Valley. I would think that there is a very high percentage of free thinkers and the per-capita income is very high. Mr. Dawkins should be able to draw a large audience and have good success with donations to the Foundation. I would be delighted to help organize the event.

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  • 19
    QuestioningKat says:

    Cleveland Ohio Please. You could get people from Toledo, Detroit, Youngstown, Columbus and Pittsburgh. I would be willing to go to these locations if the event is on a Friday evening so that I could drive back without missing work the next day. I think this is something to keep in mind when planning a location. Chances are a central location within a two to maximum three hour drive will draw people from other locations. Less central locations will be less attractive if they need to skip part of the work day.

    You might want to consider Columbus – Cincinnati is a bit far for people in Cleveland, Detroit… but you might draw in some controversy considering the area south. I would come if it’s on a Friday though.

    Here are some other cities you might consider – Altlanta, Chatanooga, or Nashville — Syracuse—Chicago—Minneapolis–Kansas City—Seattle—Santa Fe or Albuquerque — San Diego or LA –Washington DC area

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  • 20
    robert.roy.9081 says:

    Nashville as we NEED reason in the Bible Belt. While the atheist community is not large we are very active and we have many institutions of higher learning including Vanderbilt University. I am seeing a younger generation in the south who are casting off the superstitions of their elders and I think they need a reward. Y’all come now ya heah?

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  • 21
    cascadia_pacifica says:

    Please come to Seattle Dr. Dawkins, one of the most progressive, trail blazing cities in America. The great natural beauty of Seattle combined with world class educational institutions and a literate and environmentally aware citizenry makes it a most desirable place to learn, explore, and discover new horizons.

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  • 22
    johnnyadawson says:

    Location: Statesboro, Ga. /College: Georgia Southern
    A perfect place to start if you’re curious about the Southeast! Ok it’s settled, see ya there Dawkins. My FiancĂ©e and I love your books and documentaries. Plus, it’s amazing the impact you, with someone of your knowledge, can have on some. Even if its just a small percentage sometimes, I think it helps the world. Come to Statesboro!! 🙂

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  • I wish I could give the best arguments and enthusiasm, but I can’t. There’s no particular reason why Richard should come to our little city of 65K, nobody else does, unless you count Paul Ryan since he lives here. I could argue that we’re on the highway between Chicago and Madison, and there’s a cool fiberglass cow you can see from the highway. It’s in between the popular cities. Where could you speak? The community collage? Maybe the JPAC theater? I’m sure you’d pack the house wherever you spoke.

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  • 25
    pricey.1956 says:

    Please come to Ottawa.We have two seasons here-Winter and construction.I see you will be touring in the summer so the weather will be wonderful and the snowbanks low.As you know Ottawa is the capital of Canada and we would love to see you,perhaps at one of our great universities-Ottawa U or Carleton U.As you also know,Carleton is Lawrence Krauss’s undergraduate alma mater and I was fortunate enough to see him speak on Universe from Nothing Sep 20/13,with my son who is a student there.Needless to say,I had some difficulty grasping all he had to say but it was a great evening nevertheless.You may not be aware that our PM Steven Harper is one of our most religious leaders ever and leans toward creationism,so showing up and making a little noise in his neighbourhood might be interesting.If you have never been to Ottawa you owe it to yourself to visit one of the most liveable and beautiful cities in the world.(In the summer).

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  • 26
    donna.harris.52206 says:

    You should definitely visit Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We are in the heart of the continent, with a vibrant secular community. However, we’re also close to the bible belt of Manitoba with a number of creationists, so hopefully, your wise words would have some impact. We’re close to the edge of the Manitoba escarpment, where wonderful marine fossils are being found. The city itself prides itself on the arts and culture. We have a fine institution of higher learning, the University of Manitoba, and we’re about to open a world class facility – the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. In fact, A.C. Grayling was the first speaker in a lecture series there. We’re an 8 hour drive from Minneapolis, and other centres in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, guaranteeing a good sized audience. We managed to draw 300 to a lecture by PZ Myers 3 years ago with minimal advertising – in January! And besides, you could get an extra stamp on your passport by a side trip into Canada. PLEEZ! Donna Harris, President, Humanists, Atheists & Agnostics of Manitoba.

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  • 28
    Katy Cordeth says:

    I can easily see this strategy backfiring. I have a vague memory of the Spice Girls, just when the public were starting to get sick of them, asking their fans to nominate and vote for a concert venue. The location in receipt of the highest number of votes would see the girls perform a series of gigs there.

    I think Beirut and Islamabad garnered the greatest share of the ballot. And the votes weren’t coming from Lebanon or Pakistan.

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  • 29
    pricey.1956 says:

    In my invitation to Ottawa,I stated that the weather would be wonderful.Although it will technically be summer,the weather is kind of hit and miss in April.Come anyway,you’ll love it!
    I also mentioned our right-wing Conservative PM and his religious faith.He is widely considered anti-science and anti-environment.Canada’s standing in these areas has slipped quite a lot since he became PM and he would love nothing more than to see Canada become some sort of theocracy.It is getting serious.I enthusiastically request a visit from you.You are needed.

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  • 30
    germanspice says:

    So far I noticed that Florida is sorely missing from the request list. Please consider western Florida – Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota. I am from California and have lived in southwest Florida for a year (much longer than intended). This place desperately needs some reason, and I am sure that I don’t have to explain why. There are many atheist/secular/humanist meetup groups out here, and we would all love to have you here.

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  • 31
    markfriedman28 says:

    SANTA FE NEW MEXICO: From the 16th Century to the present, Santa Fe has been a center of Catholicism, first as part of the Spanish Empire and now as part of one of the (soon-to-be-all) majority-minority US states. At the same time Santa Fe is one of the most politically and culturally progressive cities in the US. This juxtaposition of skeptics and religious adherents, makes it a perfect place to generate interest in a visit. (Bill Maher’s visit last year was sold out.) There is a growing atheist/agnostic community in NM with several nationally affiliated organizations based in Albuquerque (another good choice). Albuquerque also just defeated a nationally important anti-abortion referendum. If you decide to come here, make sure you look into the NM sect of the Penitentes, one of the most closed and brutal forms of Catholicism. Consider also that Santa Fe was as far as anyone could flee inside the empire during the Spanish Inquisition, and a surprising number of Northern New Mexico families are rediscovering their Jewish roots. Finally there is the history of the violent suppression and forced conversion of Native Americans by first the Spanish and later American conquests, from which the Native American community is even now still emerging. Santa Fe is a crossroads for all these and many other eastern and western cultures and religions. We are a world renown arts center, home of the Santa Fe Institute, surrounded by geologically interesting and diverse terrain (the highway 30 miles east of Santa Fe cuts through the Pennsylvanian layer), with the best green chiles on the planet. What could be better?

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  • 32
    luke.fevin says:

    I invite Richard To Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Not only do we have a flourishing & active atheist community – but we HAVE TO BE vocal & active secularists. Alberta has some of the most archaic laws that CONSTITUTIONALLY privilege religion and we are fighting EVERY DAY for the Rights of non-Christians, especially in our schools.

    We operate an education system that looks like this; Government run, fully publicly funded Catholic schools. Government run, fully publicly funded Public schools. Many of these schools start the school day with the Lord’s Prayer, often FORCING children to participate. With many cases of parents being REFUSED their Canadian Charter Rights to exempt themselves. These Public schools also often have religious programs. Most of these religious schools IGNORE & flout the laws that restrict their activities, while demanding and leveraging those that privilege them. Then we have majority publicly funded Private religious schools.

    Atheists & secularists are fighting back. But we need help. We actually need to force a Constitutional amendment.

    We are embarking on a fund raising drive throughout Alberta to raise funds for a court challenge. Richard visiting both Edmonton & Calgary (See Nathen Phelps @ CFI) would give us a great platform to raise money and awareness for this cause. Please contact me for more information on this issue.

    Luke Fevin – Dir. Society of Edmonton Atheists (
    – Founder, APUPIL (Albertan Parents for Unbiased Public Inclusive Learning) –

    Thank You.

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  • 33
    rjohn19 says:

    Greenville, SC- home to Bob Jones University- a bastion of intolerance. They have a great modern venue downtown that seats about 15,000. I don’t know how it was configured at the time but Bill Maher sold it out so there is a degree of secular support in the sea of churches. No place in greater need of the message.

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  • Juneau, Alaska. It has all the common superlatives Alaska typically brings to mind: high rates of domestic violence, lack of access to healthcare and cyclical rabies quarantines!

    In all seriousness, the ocean-facing “banana belt” archipelago that is Southeast Alaska earned John Muir’s admiration for a reason: it’s easy on the eyes. While our isolated capital (accessible only by air/sea) counts only 30k locals, we have the infrastructure to handle a million tourists a season. There are venues to fill from university to convention center. Furthermore, the month of April is just before the cruise ships start arriving so you’ll escape the pressures to buy t-shirts and tanzanite (but the Alaskan Brewing Company might tempt a visit).

    Our state remains very “red” even though we have our first democratic senator in the US Congress in generations. Sarah Palin may have sympathetic fans “up North” but she is persona non grata in Juneau. Unfortunately her predecessor is cut from the same cloth. I mention these tidbits because we are the only arctic state in the Union and many of our elected officials are in anthropogenic g.w. denial. The Legislature remains in session until April 20th. There is plenty of need to help the public understanding of science here.

    If Alaska is out of the question for April, I will then throw my support to Puerto Rico which isn’t a state but whose people are US citizens.



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  • 35
    andycars2n says:

    Baltimore, Maryland… Charm City, home of Johns Hopkins University, home of “The Wire”, and “House of Cards”… amazing mix of people… and of course Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics of The Star Spangled Banner at Fort McHenry. Baltimore would love Richard to visit.

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  • 36
    bookwormik says:

    There is this country in the middle of nowhere – well it’s Central Europe and it’s called Poland (not Holland!). We had good moments in the past – Poland gave birth to Mikolaj Copernicus and Maria SkĹ‚odowska-Curie, we had worse moments – somwhere between centuries XVIII to XX – first we were eradicated from maps for like two centuries and then soon after we fought our independence we were clashed between Nazi and Soviet army – but hey, I’m not complaining, nobody said it would be easy.
    And now in XXI century we would like to have you Professor Dawkins here in Poland – in the country of great contadictions: in a year we will produce machines allowing to produce purest graffen in the world – material that will revolutionize industry, we have invented Flaris Lar 1 – the lightest and most economical jet airplane, and yet we build (for christ sake) the biggest monument of Jesus Christ and Pope JPII. Well that was quite briefly way of depicting of what you may expect.
    So yes, basically, that’s us – Polish. And if you’re not convinced yet – ask Jerry Coyne – he was here, and we got his “Like”, so feel free to come. Anytime. April would be great.

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  • 37
    marniphocles says:

    We’ve got a large secular contingent in Cleveland, Ohio, and would love to host you here. The Cleveland Freethinkers alone has over 850 members, and we’ve got an active Secular Student Alliance chapter in our neighbor city, Akron. Cleveland is really coming alive. We’ve got world class museums, the Rock Hall of Fame, the great lakes science center, fabulous restaurants, a fantastic theater complex – we can show you a great time here! You’d be in good company – we’ve had Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor here. Let us know what you need and we’ll get it done!

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  • 38
    neuroop says:

    INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – I want to meet you (isn’t that enough? – ha!) I’ll throw in free lodging and meals at my home in a nearby suburb of Indianapolis. There are a growing number of progressives that would welcome you! – Big 10 college campuses of Indiana University and Purdue University less than an hour north and south of Indianapolis.

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  • Miami in April: warm ocean breezes and strong Cuban coffee. What could be better? Before our sun-drenched peninsula succumbs to storm surges and joins Atlantis as just another memory, please come and enjoy our hospitality. To paraphrase Princess Leia: “Save us Richard Dawkins, you are our only hope.”

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  • 43
    livelifealaska says:

    Anchorage, AK. I don’t believe Mr. Dawkins has been to Alaska. I know in the past he has focused on the deep south. Well, we are the state that introduced Sarah Palin (nightmare to Alaskans) to the world; since then, we have become the new “deep south” way up north. Alaska was once a moderate state before the oil industry arrived in the 70’s. We have the University of Alaska here in Anchorage that has not staged an event such as the ones Mr. Dawkins has been to in the lower 48. May I recommend a debate with Jerry Prevo of the Baptist mega church that is rooted deeply in Alaska politics? You will garner news agencies here, and it will certainly fire up the believers, as well as the nonbelievers.

    Are you in Mr. Dawkins? I believe our state will be an invigorating challenge of which I think you will relish in, and it will give me, and other atheists here in Alaska a thrill of a lifetime. I do not hesitate spreading the word about you Mr. Dawkins.

    Everyone! Please like this comment. We need Mr. Dawkins!

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  • 44
    QuestioningKat says:

    In reply to #37 by marniphocles:

    We’ve got a large secular contingent in Cleveland, Ohio, and would love to host you here. The Cleveland Freethinkers alone has over 850 members, and we’ve got an active Secular Student Alliance chapter in our neighbor city, Akron. Cleveland is really coming alive. We’ve got world class museums, the…

    850 Really! Where do you meet?

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  • 45
    Scubajoe says:

    How about coming north of the border? Canada was left out in the cold on the last book tour! Come to Toronto, we are in need of a distraction from the crazy mayor of TO. I’m a science teacher and hanging out with RD is on my bucket list….so….let’s make it happen!

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  • 46
    Scubajoe says:

    I’d like to amend my previous comment. Richard should actually come to Guelph, Ontario. That way I wouldn’t have to drive an hour and look for parking. Seriously though, the University of Guelph would be an amazing venue. We have one of the best vet colleges in the world and the university has been sinking millions into the sciences over the last few years. The Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (genetically barcoding life on Earth), a massive new science complex and a new pathobiology building, to name a few. You’d pack War Memorial Hall in a heartbeat.

    Plus Guelph is consistently voted one of the most livable cities in Canada, great size of 120,000 so not too crowded. I have a guest bedroom, so you could do it on a shoestring really. Plus my son just turned one, I think he’s ready for his first biology lecture. He just learned to clap this week so you’d be well received!

    Think about it!

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  • 49
    botanyman says:

    I am a student(botany major) at Utah Valley University in Orem, UT. We have a large science department, and a brand new science building! A scientist of your caliber would certainly bring in a large crowd. My bio prof just recommended that the class read “The Blind Watchmaker”. If there is any state that needs a little bit of science, and reasoning, it’s Utah!!

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  • OsnabrĂĽck, Germany would love to have Dr. Dawkins here. Firstly, it would complement the opening of the new German RDFRS site. Secondly, I think it would be a good time to introduce a major figure to the German people to encourage science and rational thinking. Dr. Dawkins is needed in areas especially where he can be useful rather than preaching to the choir. OsnabrĂĽck is one of those areas where he can make headways on the mainland. As a university city it is primed for debate with some freethinkers for support, some opposition with those still following the church, but many who are questioning tradition and would value Dr. Dawkins’s presence. As a bonus much of the area is bilingual and understand and speak English. Admittedly, I would love the opportunity to attend any function by Dr. Dawkins and even maybe have the privilege to meet him personally.

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  • 52
    Sam Salerno says:

    Cleveland, Ohio has a booming secular community with many diverse groups. We have social groups such as the Cleveland Freethinkers which boast over 800 members. We have an activist group called the Northern Ohio Freethought Society which is a branch of FFRF. We have the Cleveland Skeptics. And our community spans the Cleveland/Akron area. So there is no doubt that we can draw a decent crowd. We have had many prominent speakers from the Atheist community in our area. But unfortunately Richard Dawkins has not been one of them. We would and are doing anything we can right now to get Richard to Cleveland. So thank you for this opportunity. And we hope to see you soon.

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  • 55
    melissa.combs.71 says:

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, please. It would be great to bring together the freethinking community here in one large venue; I’m not sure that has ever happened before. Perhaps the lil’ university we’ve got in town here would sponsor your visit.

    If nothing else, maybe you could get one of our independent theatres, like the Michigan, to run The Unbelievers. I can’t wait to see it.

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  • Have you spoken at the UN before? I think there would be very little difficulty filling a room, I can vouch for one that I will be there. (even though I just saw you in Brooklyn a few weeks ago.)

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  • 57
    gmbasilisc says:

    Please come back to Michigan. Lansing or Grand Rapids would be ideal. We’re a state with a strong skeptical community but inexplicably anti-scientific politicians and getting a message out about scientific literacy from someone with your clout – particularly in the western half of hr state – would be great.

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  • 58
    rbwooden says:

    CFI-Indiana is one of the most active Secular Humanism/Skeptic branches in the country. We would love to host Richard here in Indianapolis.

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  • 59
    skyhook says:

    Come to Ithaca, N.Y., home of Cornell University! Many scientists are linked with Cornell, including the ‘giants’ Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman, and US TV presenter and educator Bill Nye.

    Ithaca is a unique town, and in the springtime it is a most delightful place to visit. Cornell’s campus is beautiful; the surrounding area has many gorges, waterfalls, and lakes; and the locals are a friendly, down-to-earth group. You will receive a warm welcome and love your visit, just as we will love hosting you!

    Professor Dawkins, please do come to Ithaca next April!

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  • 61
    jeanne.lemaireromero says:

    There is no place on Earth that needs Richard Dawkins more than New Orleans, Louisiana. Besides, it’s New Orleans and there is no place like it. Also, it’s Louisiana. We are the bottom of the barrel. If anyplace needs some enlightenment it’s here. We are on the verge of a renaissance and I think this would help to tip us over the edge.

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  • 62
    sittingupmud says:

    Minneapolis, MN!

    Minnesota is among the most progressive states in the US, and its residents are among the most politically active (highest voter turnout in the last 2 presidential elections). It’s also one of the most literate states. I’m sure that Dr. Dawkins would find an engaged, savvy audience here, giving him all the more potential to make an impact.

    Despite it’s progressive status, too, Minnesota residents curiously have a higher rate of religious affiliation than the national average (according to the Pew Research Center). Conservatives also maintain a strong presence here (it’s the home state of Michele Bachmann…although we don’t like to talk about that). In fact, the suburbs outside of Minneapolis and St. Paul have a reputation of being staunchly conservative, which should guarantee Dr. Dawkins a politically diverse audience as well.

    Obligatory side note: Minnesota in April is cold (Minnesota is practically always cold). But come anyway!

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  • 64
    cesinco says:

    Boca Raton (or anywhere in S. Florida). A varied collection of backgrounds for the locals will guarantee a good reception and entertaining evening. You might even consider the site of the last Presidential Election debate, at Lynn University.

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  • Please come to Canton, Michigan! We are quite the growing community in need of some secular lessons. According to the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Michigan ranks 35 in its personal and economic freedoms. I cannot understand why we are so behind! We’ll probably be one of the last states to embrace marriage equality…

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  • 66
    aarron.dixon says:

    Come to Bradford, Pennsylvania! It’s got a really interesting mix of regional hospital, University of Pittsburgh Bradford, and fundamentalist Christian hillbillies. It’s the kind of place that would have enough thinking people to appreciate your message, with droves of the low level indoctrinated to plant the spark of critical thought in. I think the ones who would benefit the most are the Christian college kids; they’re smart, open to new ideas, but raised with fundamentalist religious views, and without those ideas being challenged there’s no catalyst for change. You could “save some souls” here, Richard.

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  • 67
    Levenah says:

    Dear Dr. Dawkins,

    Myself, and many others would love to see you in a city you haven’t been – Sioux falls, SD. Although our population is not as much as a larger city, the secular community here would welcome you, and enjoy your presence tremendously. We have many groups across the state that provide support, and do great community service works for multiple charitable organizations.

    I am confident that a sufficient gathering, that would make your trip worth it, would attend whatever speaking event or signing you would hold here. We respect you, and would consider it an honor if our city was able to host you for a day. We promise to make it worth your while.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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  • 68
    TheFreeThinker says:

    Orange County, California; preferably the Honda Center in Anaheim. The amount of Atheist is rising very quickly in the OC. Many are finally discovering the true beauty of science. It would be a great honor if Richard could come to the OC and further expand the knowledge and wonder of the people here.

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  • 69
    matthew.darks says:

    Clarksville, TN needs you Mr. Dawkins! We are stuck in the Bible Belt and it’s rough for people to understand that it’s ok to doubt. I’m trying to be as outspoken as I can to encourage others but I need help. Austin Peay may not be the largest university you’ve ever spoken at but we’ll appreciate it just as much, maybe more! If you can’t do as small a place as Clarksville there are many larger venues in Nashville or Louisville.

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  • 70
    siggie.queen says:

    The big towns, the Northern and coastal towns, they do not need you like we do. We need you in the South, in Texas, in the Bible Belt. We need you in Dothan, Alabama where the Southeast Alabama Freethought Association meets and tries to keep us sane. With enough notice we will draw attendees from Georgia, Florida, perhaps even Mississippi to see you in Alabama. We’ll even pay your expenses here including travel to us in the US. Please come to Dothan and give us the show of a lifetime.

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  • 71
    misseliza99 says:

    How about Missoula, Montana? He probably hasn’t been here before. This is a progressive town with plenty of free thinkers but we’re off the beaten path and don’t always get such an opportunity to have someone of Dr. Dawkins’ caliber in to talk to us. Dr. Dawkins and Mr. Hitchens provided me with the tools to free my mind and I’m incredibly grateful. I don’t really have the opportunity to “get out” (of town/the state of Montana) much, so having Dr. Dawkins come here would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bring your message to “the frontier”! Absolutely beautiful scenery and a chance to visit somewhere other than the usual places.

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  • CLEVELAND!!!! (or any of the other close by surrounding cities which Cleveland is central to such as Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Pittsburg, Detroit,). Cleveland is a vibrant city with deep cultural and multi-ethnic roots. Situated on the south shore of Lake Erie, Cleveland is host to strong arts community, most notably the Cleveland Orchestra, one of, if not THE best in the world. Our diverse cultural roots are also the foundation of one of the best and most exciting restaurant scenes anywhere in between the coasts. And of course, if you ever need to have the old ticker fixed, there is no better place in the world than the Cleveland Clinic!!
    Aside from the many arts and entertainment offerings of our city, Cleveland is home to wonderful people who know how to deal with adversity!! The demise of the US auto and steel industry, the Cleveland Browns, and as atheist’s and free thinkers, the devoutly religious. Yes, we have a wide variety of those as well. As you have seen in other posts, Cleveland has a burgeoning population of Free Thinkers, Atheists, and alike. People who would rather spend time at the Cleveland Science Center, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, or hiking through the Cuyahoga National Park as opposed to going to church.
    So YES, you should come to Cleveland! We welcome you with open arms and minds!!

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  • 73
    QuestioningKat says:

    In reply to #73 by G.Neal:

    CLEVELAND!!!! (or any of the other close by surrounding cities which Cleveland is central to such as Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Pittsburg, Detroit,).

    …and just a short drive to visit Holmes County – the heart of Amish country. I bet Richard would just love to sit on a rocking chair next to an older Amish gent and strike up a conversation….

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  • 74
    brandon.neilly says:

    Portland, Oregon. The Metro area is home to over 2 million people and many universities with young inquiring minds. You were here in 2009 at the invite of the Center for Inquiry. I wasn’t able to attend as I was attending an out of state university. We have several large atheist groups in the area, you would have a full house if you were to come back. Would be an honor to see you speak.

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  • We don’t have prestigious universities, but you have seen your share of those. We don’t have an overwhelmingly supportive population. Nor do we have interesting roadside attractions, unless you count lovely scenery situated just northwest of one of the most biodiverse areas in the country.

    Instead, we have empty, automatic religious platitudes. We have unapologetic prayers at publicly funded schools and colleges. We have a majority population that “does not believe” in evolution. We have a good ole boy culture of exclusion and fear of differences that test preconceived notions. We have willful ignorance and reactionary mind sets.

    BUT DESPITE ALL OF THIS, we have the light of reason. Amidst all of these challenges, we have people willing to fight the Christian stronghold in the south. We have educators teaching the scientific process, healthy skepticism, independent thought and inclusion. We have an eye to the future. The Bible Belt needs you. Come to Dothan, AL. Or come to Atlanta, because I know there are others in our region that need you too. We will make the trip to support you.

    In reply to #71 by siggie.queen:

    The big towns, the Northern and coastal towns, they do not need you like we do. We need you in the South, in Texas, in the Bible Belt. We need you in Dothan, Alabama where the Southeast Alabama Freethought Association meets and tries to keep us sane. With enough notice we will draw att…

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  • 76
    Milo.Brucks says:

    Richard is coming to the United States again.
    I understand the market appeal of such a large audience base but how about a little tour of Canada too.
    We are very open and very polite to visitors.
    I would be happy to personally host Mr. Dawkins here in beautiful and spectacular Jasper Alberta in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains of Canada.
    At the very least could Mr. Dawkins include a Canadian city on his tour.
    please please please

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  • 77
    tony.rush says:

    Dothan, Alabama is the “cross-roads of the South”. We have about 100,000 people in our local area and we’re just an hour from Montgomery, AL and Panama City Beach, FL.

    We’re regularly in the center of various debates whether it’s the ability for students to pray on school property…..or, more recently, our local college (Troy University) trying to create Christian housing on campus.

    Our local Freethinkers Association ( is a breath of fresh air and, two years ago, we managed to get Michael Shermer to speak in our city and we provided a sold-out crowd.

    We’ve got some local benefactors who can possibly assist with expenses and it would be quite a coup for us to have Dr. Dawkins to be an influence in our city. It would also provide our community with an opportunity to see and hear a perspective that’s not well-represented in our local TV, radio and culture.

    Come to Dothan Alabama and contact me directly if I can be of assistance in helping promote the event!

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  • In reply to #43 by livelifealaska:

    Anchorage, AK. I don’t believe Mr. Dawkins has been to Alaska.

    He’s been to Fairbanks (spoke at UAF).


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  • Houston – the fourth largest city in the U.S. and so needing help; where for example so many people are cured of cancer at some of the best hospitals in the world… and still thank god.

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  • 80
    SixForty says:

    In reply to #32 by luke.fevin:

    I invite Richard To Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Not only do we have a flourishing & active atheist community…..

    I would like to second the motion of Luke Fevin to invite Richard Dawkins to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As an outspoken atheist, Richard brings attention, and often controversy, wherever he goes. As a result, his mere presence helps to increase the amount of dialogue surrounding the issue of atheism.

    As a Christian myself, I embrace any opportunity to increase discussion on the issue of atheism, and public awareness of the presence of Richard here in town would definitely bring about such opportunities. I strongly believe that a visit by Richard Dawkins would present me, and other Christians, with numerous new opportunities to share the truth of Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ with many people who need to hear these truths. Quite honestly, I believe that a visit by Richard Dawkins to Edmonton would increase the number of Christians here in Edmonton, and ultimately the number of redeemed in the kingdom of God.

    In addition, due to the lack of rationality and intellectual rigour in Richard’s typical anti-theistic propaganda, such low hanging fruit will actually be even more productive than most other atheistic speakers that might come to town. When refuting the foolishness of arguments like Richard’s is so easy, that means so much more time can be spent on sharing the truth in contrast. And given the ease with which Richard’s position demolishes itself, people are often quickly left in a position to be open to the truth of God.

    So definitely, Richard, please come to Edmonton! I think it would be an absolute boon for Christianity if you brought your show to Edmonton. I wholeheartedly support your visit – I’ve even got a spare bedroom if you need a place to stay.

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  • 82
    AuSh22 says:

    Flagstaff, Arizona! It is home to Northern Arizona University and Lowell Observatory (Discovered Pluto). Even though Arizona is quite conservative, Flagstaff is among the most open-minded communities in the area. Flagstaff is a beautifully scenic place with clean air and friendly people. Bill Nye was here just last year and the tickets sold out very fast. I can’t even imagine how well received Professor Dawkins would be here!

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  • 83
    CJSmith says:

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Considering that some of our state legislators want to place “In God We Trust” in our public schools, we really could use a dose of REASON here!

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  • 84
    bridget.r.gaudette says:

    Richard should come to Raleigh, North Carolina. We have a vibrant freethought community and his books and lectures have been an inspiration to so many.

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  • 87
    bbliss318 says:

    Dr. Dawkins. I cannot imagine that one particular city deserves your seminar more than another however decisions are a necessity- from listening to many of your online discussions and platforms for outreach and education it appears that you may be most valuable in an area that will not attract only liberal “open-minded” individuals nor should you be a victim of radical extremes such as intolerable religious folk. I believe your wisdom, insight and clarity are most valuable in a location where the demographics lay somewhere in between. I currently live in south Florida and would love to justify having you here however I fear the audience diversity (maybe not in race but mentality) may be limiting. Instead I believe an area similar to Pittsburgh as mentioned previously would be extremely beneficial. I grew up in Pittsburgh and it is a growing and transforming city that was built on blue-collar fundamentals. The city is growing and expanding not only in culture but progressive thinking. This is evident by the many universities and credible science that is leaving this state. This city has eyes that want to expand but a heart that still rests on these primitive mindsets. This leaves a city that is open to more knowledge and ideas but pride and a foundation that was built on more traditional thinking. There is a wide range of social classes in this region that contribute to many of these mindsets. The Pittsburgh community is built upon working hard and reaching beyond your limits which leads to individuals in powerful and influential positions. These people that have the intelligence to understand more progressive ideas but are burdened by their roots need someone like you to open their eyes and to challenge the norm. They may not all believe you or agree with you, they may spout religious rebuttals BUT I can assure you they will leave and THINK about the words you said and concepts you spoke of and consider them a possibility….and if anything we have great local food and wonderful nature!

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  • 88
    bbliss318 says:

    Also while I have this platform for discussion- there is a graduate Oceanography program that boasts the largest coral research facility in the U.S. full of eager and future scientists. We would love to host Dr. Dawkins however, student funding cannot afford such an event. As I understand it, Dr. Dawkins principles include the spread of knowledge and outreach. As budding scientist what better audience to inform and educate than those that will soon be contributing to world of science. Just a thought if there is interest.

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  • 89
    dennisorellana says:

    Nuther vote here for SF. Why? Airport is close! Great food! S&M capital of the world! Hardly any one goes to church! SF is heathen central!

    How can you lose?

    dennis orellana
    burlingame CA (3 miles from airport…i could pick u up for free! I know where everything is!)

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  • 91
    Mormon Atheist says:

    Come to Utah! There are more atheists here than people think and a lot are not really comfortable coming out about it. You coming here would help them see that there are a lot of us.

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  • 92
    Non-praying Mantis says:

    Speaking in the Triangle area of NC is a very good use of Richard’s time and talents. OK, so he has already been to Raleigh-Durham NC at least twice in the past 2 years, but there are so many people who did not get to see him, and who will want to. Plus, we show him a very good time here–we have a large, diverse, committed, and FUN freethought community–because of, and despite, being in the Bible Belt!

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  • 93
    Non-praying Mantis says:

    Of course we would love to have Richard back in the Triangle NC (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill). Yes, he has been here before, and he had a huge impact, and he draw large crowds again, including old fans and new students & residents to this fast-growing area. We have a large, diverse, committed, and FUN freethought community in the Triangle. This is both because we are in the middle of the Bible Belt, and also despite that fact! Progressive enclaves in the Bible Belt is where Richard can have a big bang for the RDF Buck: Strong, enthusiastic turnouts because we are literally surrounded by crazed and hateful-racist-sexist religious fundamentalists, and coming together to see Richard is like a rock concert only better–more like the Reason Rally in situ. Come on back, Richard!. BTW here is a really great, revealing, personal interview of Richard by Scott Burdick last time he came to NC:

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  • Shepherdstown, West Virginia. We are a small town along the Potomac River, about 1 1/4 hours from Washington DC.
    Although WV tends toward conservatism and probably ranks pretty high on the list when you look at the percentage of church goers, Shepherdstown is actually a pretty progressive community and open to speakers such as Dawkins. Hey, we’re a college town (Shepherd U has > 4500 students) with students who, frankly, don’t know what they don’t know. They NEED to hear about how it’s OK to not belong to a religion and need to know they won’t burn in hell. You can communicate atheistic ideas to a population who otherwise might never hear them. And, Shepherdstown’s got some good places to stay (Bavarian Inn) and eat (many).

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  • 95
    lizusa4444 says:

    I don’t live there, but please go to Texas!!! They are trying to force evolution out of school textbooks!!!!!! Truly disturbing. I just went to your film Unbelievers here in Los Angeles and I think we’re doing much better than the Lone Star bible and gun state. Thank you!

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  • 96
    chrisanto says:

    Richard, please please come to Vancouver, BC. It is a beautiful city surrounded by the natural wonder of the West Coast Mountains and the Gulf Islands, with plenty of marine and land life to be observed. It is a haven for many free thinkers but unfortunately also in the grip of a conservative ultra-religious upsurge as is the whole of Canada, as can be seen by the private views of the Science Minister and Prime Minister with regards to Evolution and the role of Science. Vancouver also particularly suffers from much pseudo-scientific quackery in the guise of New-Age beliefs. I know the US needs a lot of help, but don’t forget us Canucks!

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  • 97
    ljparris says:

    It’s also home to the a Freedom From Religion Foundation. In reply to #13 by sharon.yildiz:

    Please come to Madison, Wisconsin, USA. My adopted city of Madison is one of the most liberal cities in America, with (I’ve heard) 36% of the population stating that they are atheists. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin (about 50,000 students) and is known for having huge attendance at a…

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  • 98
    lizusa4444 says:

    In reply to #97 by lizusa4444:

    I don’t live there, but please go to Texas!!! They are trying to force evolution out of school textbooks!!!!!! Truly disturbing. I just went to your film Unbelievers here in Los Angeles and I think we’re doing much better than the Lone Star bible and gun state. Thank you!

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  • 99
    edwin.hensley says:

    Please bring Richard Dawkins to Lexington, KY, and also visit the nearby Creation Museum. Lexington is the home of the University of Kentucky, and Dr. Dawkins had a successful visit to Richmond, KY, 2 years ago that drew thousands.

    Richard can do something in KY that he could not do in any other state – visit the creation museum. We could even get discounted tickets through the Secular Student Alliance or the Kentucky Secular Society.

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  • 100
    John Cameron says:

    Please come to Concord NH. As the capital city of the state with the first in the nation presidential primary and with a very secular and politically minded population, this is a perfect opportunity to plant the seeds for the secular movement which could blossom into real political changes. Dr. Dawkins would certainly draw an enthusiastic and large audience here who would be ripe to respond to his special brand of inspirational speaking. A call to action here would definitely not go unheard.

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  • 101
    toddyp says:

    San Francisco, Boston, New York? Come on! The heartland of a battleground state where philosophical debate is accentuated by countless ideologies is where he is needed most. I nominate Phoenixville, Pennsylvania a reinvented Philadelphia suburb that is likely home to an equal number of supporters and opponents of both science and reasonable thought. #WheresRichard

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  • 102
    attaaboy says:

    It would be greatly appreciated and beneficial to the cause of Humanism if Sir Richard Dawkins made a return trip to Norman, Oklahoma in the heart of the Bible Belt. Sir Richard came here two years ago and was met with a most enthusiastic and supporting crowd at the old field house on the University of Oklahoma campus. A Humanist spirit was kindled by the visit and a return trip would solidify that movement . . . in a place that had the unenlightened state legislators write a letter of condemnation to the University for inviting someone whose views were different than the “majority” of the state’s residents! A trip would be greatly welcomed again, and it must be personally gratifying to come to the Bible Belt and present truth and unrelenting reason to the masses …kind of like Jesus feeding the multitude with those small fishes and bread (must have been really small portions!)

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  • 103
    hannah.crazyhawk says:

    Please come to Bend, Oregon. It is gorgeous here in the spring and we would LOVE to meet you! Let’s bring Reason and Wonder to the Pacific Northwest!

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  • 105
    Greenlight says:

    Dr. Dawkins, please come to Princeton, NJ! It is home to one of the most prestigious research universities in the US – Princeton University. Its Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology hosts a series of events throughout the year that draw large crowds! More importantly, NJ is also considered one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse states in the country, and the greater Princeton community is filed with both open-minded secularists and non-secularists. You would not only be preaching to the choir (plenty of atheists and agnostics who would be honored to host you in our beautiful community – we are called the Garden State because of places like Princeton), but also reasonable (and hopefully persuadable) religious attendees. Finally, you will have NO TROUBLE AT ALL filling an auditorium of whatever size – we also happen to be the most densely populated state. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed you came to Princeton!

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  • 106
    dave.bailey.39108 says:

    Toronto, Ontario, is lovely in April. We are close to two intersecting migratory flyways, so the birding is excellent at that time of year. The weather is warming, the vernal wildflowers are blooming: what more could a devoted biologist and naturalist want? We would be happy to welcome you, Professor! (Bring your binoculars)

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  • In reply to #105 by hannah.crazyhawk:
    Another Bendite! Yes. Who would guess that there’d be at least two from Bend to suggest our city. Cheers!

    Please come to Bend, Oregon. It is gorgeous here in the spring and we would LOVE to meet you! Let’s bring Reason and Wonder to the Pacific Northwest!

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  • 108
    elecom says:

    Please come to South Florida,. Myself and people of this versatile city welcomes you!! Need some interesting guests here more often!!

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  • 109
    lizabeth.neillyfriesen says:

    Okay, so you have probably been to a lot of US cities. I think that it would be incredibly important to continue to spread “Free Thinking” and Science throughout the USA but perhaps non so important than those states that are in the worst shape……. like NORTH DAKOTA! Yes, there are Atheists here! Some perhaps have always been so and others just woke up out of the fog of delusion and brain washing. So I implore you Mr. Dawkins to please come to NORTH DAKOTA and enlighten those who have not had the pleasure of listening to REASON and SCIENCE as well as your fantastic insights into evolution! Grand Forks or Fargo would be my Preference. Many thanks for your consideration!

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  • 110
    goldenrm says:

    Dr. Dawkins should visit Davenport, IA for a few of the good following reasons.
    The first is that it is a part of the Quad Cities, that humble little area right on the riverfront of Illinois and Iowa that brings together two great states. Because of this, you get the mix of both the metropolitan open-mindedness and small-town narrow-mindedness, providing a good representation of a large spectrum of people.
    Another reason would be the colleges in the area, of which there are 12 (the best being Saint Ambrose University, according to my own personal biases). This provides an opportunity to open your ideas up to not just 1 large university that has a common attitude, favorite major, or typical plan of study, but reach out to a plethora of small universities and colleges all at once. It’s the perfect opportunity to speak to a large group of this underrepresented group.
    In addition to this, my school (St. Ambrose) is a large health science school. This means plenty of people interested and participating in the field of biology and science at all of its many disciplines. In addition, it provides a unique paradigm: a Catholic school that is making a name for itself in the sciences. Being an atheist myself, I do occasionally feel that certain ideas are given too much or too little opinion under the bias of religious beliefs at my school, however I have also never felt stereotyped, pressured, or belittled because of my outspokenness of being atheist at a Catholic University. In fact, a theology professor last semester welcomed me into her class as an opportunity to have the “unorthodox” opinion and scientific evidence expressed as a chance to show the downfalls that do currently exist in theology. While I can’t say its progressive, it was definitely the most progressive and open-minded approach to religion I’d ever seen. My point is, I see a community that, while primarily religious, has a deep interest in the sciences and the evidence they are providing. Moreover, it is willing to listen to and question and maybe even modify its beliefs in the face of that evidence. I believe that this could be the perfect crowd of people for the RDFSR.
    Dr. Dawkins has focused so much on spreading science and logical thinking. Presenting to a majority atheist audience, while a nice, friendly visit, won’t tell anyone in the audience anything that they didn’t already. Also, presenting to a town along the bible belt will just result in an outrage. An audience that has a similar mindset – a taste and desire for science and logic – but different beliefs – still following Catholicism strictly – is the audience that the greatest impact can be made upon. It is therefore the type of audience most worth addressing. By focusing on groups such as the one outlined, it may slowly be possible to spread this line of thinking throughout the country… it just so happens that my school conveniently is home to this type of population.
    Lastly, knowing that the head of my school’s biology dept. Dr. Matt Halfhill is one of Dr. Dawkins biggest fans ( The Selfish Gene was his reason for studying biology) I could almost guarantee that accommodations could be made for Dr. Dawkins, especially considering we have held events for guest speakers that included an audience of around 2000 in that past. Also, the event could, and would, be opened up to the surrounding colleges and neighborhood as has been done in the past with famous guest speakers. Also, if by some strange course of events, St. Ambrose was not accommodating, I have no doubt that a simple call to another Quad City college would find Dr. Dawkins in welcoming arms.
    Thank you for considering Davenport, IA, and thank you for persistently spreading your message.

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  • 111
    PhysioProf says:

    The most prominent universities in Baltimore are Johns Hopkins University and UMB (University of Maryland at Baltimore) a graduate–level only campus. It is the original campus of the University of Maryland – where the oldest public medical school in the United States. There would be a lot of physicians and researchers that are likely to attend if it’s right in their own backyard. And the thriving research and medical community in Baltimore that is comprised of both these universities could prove to be an excellent area from which to draw attendees. This is obviously a city that has a long history of cherishing science and we could easily fill 2,500 seats. In addition to university venues, Baltimore also has a Civic Center and conference centers that are significantly more affordable than Washington DC, Philly, or NYC. But even better than all this – Dr. Dawkins presence here would make the local news and could capture the attention of the many passive atheists here.

    Large cities already have a critical mass of atheists. It’s the small cities that are a bit more traditional that need Prof. Dawkins the most. The message doesn’t get through to folks in places like Baltimore. The closet atheists will just go along pretending to be Christian so as to not upset their families until something or someone comes along to jar them. WE NEED RICHARD DAWKINS IN BALTIMORE!

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  • 112
    markfriedman28 says:

    SANTA FE AND ALBUQUERQUE: As far as love of science is concerned, we have the Santa Fe Institute, and the Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs, an amazing collection of scientific talent.

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  • 114
    LaurieB says:

    In reply to #3 by errindboy:

    Boston ma. My main reason is cause I would love to attend…..

    Hey errindboy, I’m from Boston too and I just got an email that says Richard is coming to Boston! WE WON!

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  • 115
    FThinkerBD says:

    ATLANTA !!!!!! ATLANTA !!!!!! ATLANTA !!!!!! ATLANTA !!!!!!
    ATLANTA !!!!!! ATLANTA !!!!!! ATLANTA !!!!!! ATLANTA !!!!!!

    please …. 🙂

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  • 116
    ruthiem says:

    Larry M made a great case for visiting Richmond, Virginia!!! I will be a student at VCU in the fall of 2014 and I have been a fan of Dr. Dawkins since I’ve de-converted from Christianity to atheism. It’s been a very lonely walk for me with very few fellow free-thinkers to exchange dialogue with. It would be an amazing experience for me to listen to Dr. Dawkins lecture on science and the nature of reality as he wrote about in his The Magic of Reality and The God Delusion! My 12 year old son is also an avid science reader and a natural free-thinker. It would be an unforgettable experience for him as well to listen to the wisdom of Dr. Dawkins. Please consider Richmond, Virginia! I believe it will be well worth your while!

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