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Nov 14, 2013

Thank you
I was raised in a religious household. Both of my parents are bible literalist. They went to great length to indoctrinate me from a very young age. I was brought to church three times a week, read to at home, made to go out in a bible education ministry, wasn’t allowed to have friends outside the church, couldn’t celebrate ANY holidays, so on and so on.
So many of the things I was learning made me very uncomfortable. For example: the teaching that those who didn’t share my belief system are wicked and will be directly destroyed by god.
My parents always found a way to reason the uneasiness out of me for the moment by using the bible.
But over the years the uneasiness built up, and I started searching. I found solace in a few friends going through a similar process. This sparked so much conversation and research. So it began.
I first devoured your book ‘The God Delusion’. Then I began listening to podcasts from Michio Kaku and Neal DeGrass Tyson.
I also read ‘Up from Eden’ and ‘Cosmos’.
My mind had been opened.
I want to thank you. If your book had been disappointing I’m not sure what I would have thought. I might have continued in my path of cognitive dissonance.
So, thank you. Thank you for your bluntness, your sincerity, your passion for the truth about our world. You have helped me and I am grateful.

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