Do you know what a Concordat is?


Concordats are a little known tool of the Vatican to impose its dogma in to the public square. They are anti-democratic and anti-secular and, as Anne Marie Waters argues, are having a serious impact on the safety and health of millions of women.

Do you know what a Concordat is?

Sometimes you think nothing can surprise you anymore – but I am quite happy to say that I am still shockable, particularly when it comes to sheer effrontery of the Vatican.

I recently came across the website – read it, it's quite the eye-opener.

I am, and have long been, heavily involved in secular campaigning but I didn't know any of this, and I suspect many others don't either; so out of interest – do you know what a concordat is?

Just in case you don't. Here is a run-down.

A concordat is a contract between the Vatican (conveniently operating as a nation-state as opposed to a church on these occasions) and a compliant country or state. I say country or state because it is important to understand that isn't a contracting government that is bound, but the country (or state) itself, and therefore all subsequent governments.

It is a contract that can only end by mutual consent, meaning only when the Vatican decides it; and when you consider the privilege concordats provide for the church, that is highly unlikely to happen. By virtue of its double role as both a church and a state, concordats are unique to the Vatican and have the status of international treaties. 

Written By: Anne Marie Waters
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  1. May I recommend reading “Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII” to see how the Vatican, and particularly, one clerics complicincy in the advent of two world wars.

    Pope Francis, to his credit, is to lay the subject open…perhaps….maybe….I doubt it….

    Francis ‘will open files on Hitler’s Pope’, says friend

    Decades of doubt over the role played by “Hitler’s Pope” under the Fascist regimes in Italy and Germany during the 1930s and 1940s may be answered if Pope Francis, as a close friend has suggested, opens the Vatican archives.

    Concordats are all about the indoctrination of the children when it gets down to the nitty gritty…the RCC wants control of the wee’ens education at any cost…including world wars….read the book..

  2. The problem is not so much that the Vatican makes treaties, but that corrupt people legally lock their countries into Catholic superstition that commands non-Catholics. In one example the Italian government made a deal that exempted the church from reporting priests molesting children. What more evidence do you need one of the primary purposes of the Vatican is as the world’s biggest pedophile ring?
    It has been getting away with its cons for centuries. Read your history. We are not the first generation to notice or complain.

  3. I have to ask, but what happens if a nation/state/goverment decide to break a concordat? will they get a stern letter, will the vatican go off in a sulk? (it is not as if they have an army to send over), anyone know?

  4. I read this in last month’s British Humanist Association newsletter; it’s a subtle form of emotional blackmail, not unlike that of indulgences: “granted by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due after absolution.”. In other words, pay money to the church and get some time in hell knocked off. That’s how they raked up enough dosh to build St Peter’s Church; scaring blind faithers shitless!

    Anne Marie Waters spoke at our BHA branch meeting, and had some horror stories about the covert use of Sharia Law in Britain.

    She also spoke of the antics of the loony left vis Islam, with the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) obliging female members to sit at the back of the hall at meetings out of respect for that religion.

    I remember the rapture the WRP displayed when the Shah of Iran died making way for the return from exile in Paris of the suborner in cheif of murder Ruhollah Mostafavi Pedarsag Musavi Goh Khomeini, known in the West as Ayatollah Khomeini; oh the joy unbouded that these two outfits bequeath to the world!

  5. ” International treaties generally override domestic law, making it difficult for subsequent governments to throw out these agreements.”

    This is pure bullshit. International treaties are only meaningful if there are nations willing to defend these treaties. I can’t possibly see how the UN or sovereign nations would send military forces or enforce an embargo because a country does not respect some shady contract with the Vatican. Yes, I can see that it might be hard for deeply religious Catholic countries to get rid of these contracts since many politicians probably aren’t willing to upset the Vatican. But, I mean for more secular countries this shouldn’t be a problem…

  6. In reply to #3 by old-toy-boy:

    I have to ask, but what happens if a nation/state/goverment decide to break a concordat? will they get a stern letter, will the vatican go off in a sulk? (it is not as if they have an army to send over), anyone know?

    my thoughts exactly. WTF would they do if any government decided to ignore it? call on catholics to rise up and overthrow them?

    “Prime minister, there’s a small crowd of elderly people outside playing with beads, what are your orders?”

    “come on minister we knew this day might come, we’ve trained for it. take over the TV networks, put on a loop of ‘songs of praise’ interspersed with weather reports telling them to wrap up warm. I’ll have the army distribute tea and biscuits to disorient the mob”

  7. I actually like this, and can’t wait for the day the vatican tries to use it to change the will of a secular governent

  8. “This concordat, being a treaty and therefore often being entered into bypassing the normal democratic process was, according to Concordat watch, signed in secret and its content revealed only after it had been bound in law (which is apparently not an unusual tactic in aiding the passage of these contracts through democratic Parliaments).”

    (Premise: sorry for my improvised English)

    Secret? This is “normal” since it follows the “Italian school”.
    The Italian Fascist government secretly treated with the Vatican for many years before to sign the Italy-Vatican concordat in 1929.

    After Italian troops had entered in Rome the 20 of September 1870 the Vatican refused to have normal relations with the new Italian State. The Vatican refused the so-called Guarentige that the Italian State unilaterally offered to the Vatican, but undergroundly the Vatican sought to get a deal, and forced it, asking to the Catholics not to contribute to the Italian public life.

    It can be interesting to see, through the history of the Italian stamps, how some cryptic signals were sent to the Vatican from the Fascist regime.

    The Italian Kingdom (born in 1861 without Rome) had never issued stamps with religious subjects.
    In 1923 the Fascist leader Mussolini ordered the issue of a showy philatelic celebration for an organism of the (so-called) Holy See, called Congregation of Propaganda Fide; the issue consisted of 4 stamps of big size.
    At the end of 1924 the regime ordered the issue of 6 stamps for the celebration of the (so-called) Holy Year of the 1925.
    In 1926 the regime ordered the issue of 6 stamps for the celebration of the seventh centenary of the death of St. Francis of Assisi. (so-called St.).

    Such issues of stamps with religious subjects were all cryptic invitations from the Fascist regime to the Vatican for an agreement. But why the Fascist regime sought to have a deal with the Vatican? It was vital, for the Fascist regime, to obtain the support of the Catholic hierarchy for accomplish the full dictatorship.

    The first secret meeting took place the 6 August 1926. The secret negotiation continued between the delegates Francesco Pacelli (for the Vatican) and Domenico Barone (for the Fascist regime), and when Domenico Barone died, the 4 Jennuary 1929, Benito Mussolini, personally, carried on the secret negotiation till the 11 February 1929 when the Patti Lateranensi (this is the name of the Italy-Vatican concordat) were undersigned by Benito Mussolini and Card. Gasparri without the presence of any journalist. The whole negotiation was maintained secret till the moments after the signature of the act with which Mussolini sold the Italian sovereignty to the Vatican and for the which fact the pope named Mussolini “The man of the Providence”.

    But Mussolini isn’t been the only “man of the Providence”.
    Palmiro Togliatti (the Communist leader) is the major responsible (at least for not to have voted against) for the inclusion of the Patti Lateranensi into the art. 7 of the Italian republican Constitution of the 1948.
    Now we know that Palmiro Togliatti had received personal favours from the Vatican; through De Gasperi (the Catholic leader) Togliatti received the assistance of the Vatican diplomacy to ensure the safety of Maria Cristina Togliatti (sister of Palmiro) that during the 1943-1945 period was in the territory of the so-called Repubblic of Salò, at the mercy and under the aim of Benito Mussolini…

    Because it wasn’t enough, Bettino Craxi (the Socialist leader), in the 1984 and 1985, agreed with the Vatican to make some modifications to the Patti Lateranensi, providing, of course, much more money to the RCC through the law called 8X1000 of which I have written something in a previous comment. (Comment #51 in

    Best regards.


  9. Nope, I did not.Just how many more nasty tricks do these blighters have up their sleeves? As it has been said ‘ For every rat you see, there are fifty you don’t’

  10. Now I know where the Mafioso learned all their tricks….The roman catholic church….they don’t just share a country but a mantra….. operating above the law or as if they are the law…… I’m trying to think of a good mafia guys name for the pope….
    Big Benny the Pie……(short for Pious) and Big cause he takes the whole pie not just a slice…..

  11. In Reply To The Title Of The Article:

    Do you know what a Concordat is?

    Let me guess…Whenever Hitler would point at a map of the world, he would say something like “Foist I’m gonna Concordis, den I’m gonna Concordat.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  12. In reply to #1 by Ignorant Amos:

    May I recommend reading “Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII” to see how the Vatican, and particularly, one clerics complicincy in the advent of two world wars.

    Pope Francis, to his credit, is to lay the subject open…perhaps….maybe….I doubt it….

    It is a great and scary book, written by an excellent Historian. If Francis does open the files, be assured they will be well redacted. You know, whole pages blacked out with only occasional words visible.
    After all, I believe there is still an open case for Pius XII’s beatification

    Another book worth reading to understand the duality of the Vatican (religion and state) is “The Case of the Pope” by the international lawyer Geoffrey Robertson.

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