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Nov 14, 2013

The beauty of only one life.
Let’s call “god” the intersection between mankind’s proprietary ignorance and it’s huge collective ego as the center of it all.

I come from a deeply religious catholic family, however since my childhood I never felt the need to ask for forgiveness on my actions rather than to think them through before doing them or consciously learning from my mistakes. Religion is a poor excuse for those who won’t take responsibility of their life, those who can handle the burden of creating their own conditions.

I’m an atheist in essence . Why? Because my mind and principles are the foundation of my character, because I can accept that life is hard and the beauty of it is to rise above the challenge, Because I’ve been down more than once and it took my mind and determination to move forward.

The woman I used to love and I was determined to marry was converted into islam, yes that´s right, a once free thinker, beautiful woman succed into the most missoginous religion of them all. I learned a lot from that experience and now my conviction of mankind reason and logic the true driving force of mankind has a personal dimension.

Atheism is rarely heard of in latin america, at least in México most people don’t even know what it actually means. By reading Richard´s books, as well as other authors and hearing these great minds discuss, I have found many of my ideas concretized . It takes more than a great mind to change the world, it takes actions.

Why do people want an eternal life? How can an eternal existence provide more beauty and fulfillment than knowing that each second is precious? I don’t want eternal life or paradise! I want to live, love, fall down and get back up.

By the way, I’m reading the Quran and let me tell you, you won’t find a more horrifying piece of literature ever! I am the most fortunate man alive because a weak mind like my “Ex girlfriend” is definitely not worth spending my time with.
Enrique PO

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