I used to be a Muslim like you.. but then i took a book to my hands.. (or more like hundreds of them. i love reading) (ps: overused meme is overused.), Good, Thu, Nov 14 2013 #(2181)

Nov 14, 2013

Good afternoon Prof. Dawkins
I’m almost entirely sure that you don’t really read all this letters but, please allow me to say this. you are an awesome person, who is a real credit to the HUMAN race. there are three reasons i’m an atheist now
1- My mother talked me into reading bible, quran and the history of religions. and i did read them.
2- I realised that after all these years we humans are both the evil and the good. not those imaginary wardens we created to keep the public in order.

3- And you.. i’ve read(ed?en?) (..i can’t remember the past tense of this word.. i’m Turkish.. English is not my native lang. ..sorry) your books and then everything started to make sense. We humans are the reason why we are not advanced and civilized enough to live in peace.

Ps: ugly letters are so pathetically angry and hateful they are actually funny.
a fellow atheist

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