Not a convert, Good, Thu, Nov 14 2013 #(2187)

Nov 14, 2013

Dear Sir
I’ve titled my letter “not a convert” because I never believed in the magical man in the sky. At least as a teenager or adult. I understand why this is, with more and more greater understanding of evolutionary biology and modern science. Those who maintain religious belief by the sheer power of asserting old fables as a replacement for critical thinking, do a great disservice to their own communities and the world at large. It is very liberating to be free of dogma and the inherent divisiveness of faith. I know I only have this one life and it is up to me and me alone to give it purpose, meaning and moral guidance. Without a holy book it is not reasonable for me to hate or condemn another for their very nature. I feel pity for those that prefer blind adherence to open inquiry. How small their world must be. Keep up the great work, Richard. It IS important.
Jim M

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