Pennsylvania lawmaker wants state to honor addition of ‘under God’ to Pledge of Allegiance


A Pennsylvania legislator is sponsoring a bill to recognize the 60th anniversary of the addition of the phrase, “under God,” to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rep. John McGinnis (R-Blair) wants the state to formally recognize the phrase being added to the pledge February 1954, or 12 years after the pledge was adopted by Congress and 62 years after it was written.

The bill notes that God was mentioned in the Declaration of Independence as the source of rights and liberty and that Pennsylvania also recognized God in its state constitution.

“On February 7, 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower came to the conviction that adding the words ‘under God’ to the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States would be the right ‘thing to do after hearing Reverend George Docherty preach that the phrase ‘nation under God, which was first used in the Gettysburg Address, was appropriate to be added to the Pledge of Allegiance because freedom ‘is defined by a fundamental belief in God,’” the bill says.

Written By: Travis Gettys
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  1. Freedom – defined by believing in a god whose ‘son’ condones slavery and who considers married women to have the same status as chattels? Some people even make prisons of their own minds.

  2. Yikes! So slavery is another form of freedom? Who woulda thunk it.You learn something new,every day.

  3. These people keep uttering words of which they ignore the true meaning. They assemble these words into false and/or absurd sentences. They then proceed to try and delude people into believing that these nonsensical statements are somehow compelling. Surprisingly, they succeed way more often than they should. Faith is a mental disorder strong enough to make believers distort facts and history: that is no small feat.

  4. I support this Bill and think it should have maximum publicity, especially being taught in schools. Reminding people that the “under god” bit was only added in the fifties is a good thing as it highlights by default that the US got along without out it perfectly well before that. In fact, one could persuasively argue that the history of the US is one of inexorable rise, both economically and morally, UNTIL the adoption of “under god” and one of slow and steady decline ever since. If the golden era that Christians hark back to ever really existed, it was an era without “under god”.

  5. I think it should be recognised too, as a day when one of America’s founding principles was grievously undermined

  6. What can be written can be re-written. We all know the “under God” bit was added as part of the McCarthy period in the early 50s.

    What matters is the truth of the situation.

    There ain’t no God, and America ain’t God’s chosen land. Innit ?

  7. America should just drop the pledge of allegiance completely.

    What is it for (apart from some deep insecurity in the national psyche, perhaps)?

    My kids do not go to school every day and have to pledge that it’s great to be British. I’ve never pledged such a thing in my entire life. It is my personal choice whether or not I feel great about that, and I am under no obligation to make any public declarations one way or another.

    Some days I feel good about it, some days I feel embarrassed and ashamed. I’ll say what I think on each of those days. This is the modern world.

    Grow up, America.

  8. …freedom ‘is defined by a fundamental belief in God,’”

    So freedom is now something defined by an imaginary friend, who demands of you rules of conduct which act against your own self-interest and happiness, and guarantees an eternity of punishment if you fail to obey him. Yep, sounds like freedom to me.

  9. Nowadays I read much more about American politics than that of my own country. Why? Because American politics is much more entertaining. It’s just funnier.

  10. United under god.

    Some statments just need underlining.

    This guy needs a dictionary for christmas..

    Is he trying to win American christian of the month?

  11. In reply to #8 by Stevehill:

    …pledge of allegiance…what is it for…grow up America

    The U.S. has many ‘traditions’ grandfathered in our collective (as you say) national psyche. To undo any one of them would leave us in a discombobulated haze. Wonder if Rep. McGinnis is the same dude who manhandles Punxsutawney Phil every Groundhog Day.

    Seems we need a “first call” for everything: tailgating before football games, bugle call at the Kentucky Derby, Star Spangled Banner, ringing the triangle for supper time, and, the pledge to focus children on the school day (a convenient tool, not a call to arms, so to speak).

  12. Another Republican dolt voted into office by an apparent majority of dolts. Dolts that are so, so worried that their God can’t speak up or defend himself from the evil forces of secularism and so must induce idiots to do it for him, on threat of fiery eternal death. It’s so cringe-worthy and pathetic I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    I have to say, their “God” sure hasn’t improved the gene pool much, has he? Every year that goes by seems to drop their IQs another 10 points or so.

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