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    justinesaracen says:

    Interesting format. In this case the end was hijacked by someone called Unidan, but before that it it seems to me Dawkins got to cover a lot of territory. Of course, inevitably, the vast majority of people who posed questions were already knowledgeable and sympathetic to Dawkins’ views, so it was in large measure a lovefest. Still, there was an opportunity for Dawkins doubters to speak up if they chose and a few did.
    In general, an exchange through writing cuts down the crap. In a face to face debate, a lot of people get away with talking nonsense just by being verbally aggressive and never shutting up, but when you have to articulate your argument in writing, it requires more discipline, logic, and brevity, and when you make a stupid argument, it’s easier to point out how stupid it is.

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    CdnMacAtheist says:

    RD answered a bunch of questions with good short answers, but it’s amazing how many 1000’s of comments and replies there are in just 16 hours, including so many folk thanking RD for changing their thinking, and their lives…. Mac.

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