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Tickets for QED have been on sale for a week now, and we're delighted by the response we've received so far. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be announcing more of what's in store for QED 2014, including our full programme of panels, podcasts and alternative presentations – so be sure to keep an eye out for future news from us.

We'll also be releasing footage from past QED events, too – starting with QED 2013's standing-room-only debate on the role of religion – moderated by Carrie Poppy and featuring Richard DawkinsMike HallMitch Benn and Lawrence Krauss. Enjoy!

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  1. I too was very fortunate in not having this stuff foisted on me as a nipper and my hard drive is also blank; make up your mind when you’re ready was the idea in our family.

  2. makes a pleasant change not hearing Mike Hall swearing, it puts me off the merseyside skeptics a lot. It’s also good to not have to listen to what he did last weekend at the start of every fucking podcast.

  3. In reply to #1 by Stafford Gordon:

    I too was very fortunate in not having this stuff foisted on me as a nipper and my hard drive is also blank;

    Or one could say the natural curiosity of your brain wasn’t wiped and reformatted. :-j


  4. That was great! Light hearted panel discussion amongst a very supportive audience. Definitely a ‘thumbs up ‘.

  5. I these days seldom sit through an entire one of these discussions, but this one drew me in. I’m now ready to take on the day and any ignorant foe that crosses my path…Bring it on mo fos

  6. People love to share whatever it is they know. That is one of the reasons people find it so hard to keep a secret. You normally would not want to broadcast knowledge that is not so. When you encounter someone who disagrees, say on the existence of god, one of you has to be wrong. How do you tell which? The scientist’s way of resolving this is you both present your evidence for your belief and your case against the other’s assertion. This may be followed by experiments to resolve contentious issues. The Christian’s way of resolving this is to plug one’s ears with wax to avoid contamination with dissenting ideas and denounce the other as wicked spawn of the devil.

  7. Wherever Christians publicly debate the existence of god, they invariably lie and cheat. I have two explanations for this:

    1. They know fully well that there is no god. They earn a money from the god con. This lying is just part of the overall con.
    2. They believe there is a god, but cannot come up with a decent reason to think so. In name of promoting truth, they lie.
  8. I see John Lennox was mentioned. That such an eminent theologian should misrepresent Richard’s views re a deist god, so dishonestly smacks of expediency. But then what else do Christian theologians have going for them ? Bugger all is perhaps not the most polite way of putting it, but true nonetheless.

    Perhaps the Mods here could consider re-posting Paula Kirby’s superb Fleabytes article of a few years ago. John Lennox was one of those fleas and a very underwhelming one also ! A windbag of staggering flatulence posing as an Oxford Scholar.

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