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Dec 13, 2013

Dear Dr.Dawkins
First, I would like to tell you how great it is to think of someone who is , in my eye, great in all aspects of life.I am from Iran, I think it is also surprising to happily tell you that now , I have some atheist friends in this religious atmosphere. Moreover, the number of atheists is going to be more than this in such a religious environment. I wrote this just to tell you that I gave up slavery somewhere around 10 years ago when I was growing up in complete destitute. I tried to give up the whole fate thing. I didn’t have anyone to support me, but fortunately, I started studying and reading books instead of being pumped by the media and other sorts of things. I have experienced a lot of hardships but now I can’t be happier than this .I am 29 years old and I study masters of finance in Tehran.I am also a teacher and I help others.I really like to make others happy because it is a part of life for me.And now I was wondering , maybe I could make u happy with this letter.I have my own meaning of life like you. Shahriar , my friend is here too, he is an atheist as well .We Really love you.

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