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Dec 2, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins
I recently watched you on the Jon Stewart show, and you said something that truly confounded me.
You said…and I quote, “Faith means belief without evidence and you shouldn’t believe anything without evidence.”
If that is true, sir, how can you “believe” in evolution? You were not around 50 million years ago and neither were any of your colleagues. The earliest scientists began when would you say? At the most 2000 years ago..and the least a few hundred years ago. So how can you “believe” in something you have never witnessed or seen?
It is preposterous for you to claim the validity of evolution when you are relying solely on a few men…so called “scientists” who have done experiments you’ve neither seen nor derived evidence from. Isn’t that “blind faith” to believe a scientist who has theorized on what happened 50 million years ago? I mean they certainly were not there at the time this so called big bang occurred were they? . These same men talk about the age of the earth, yet they have no evidence other than theory. They dig layers of earth and then theorize on the age. That is nothing more than a theorized guesstimate wouldn’t you agree? I’m certain you would agree you have never seen ANY of the actual evidence in person.
My main motive for writing is to ask you to please accept Christ as your Savior. All you have to do to prove His existence is to look around. Look at the sky, your complex body, everything that exists in this world is a miracle. Water for instance is a miraculous substance that sustains us daily.
God Almighty the Creator made everything that you see. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” I believe scientists use 5 terms to describe the universe. Time, space, matter, power and motion. “In the beginning”…(time) “God created”…(power), “the heaven”…(space)…”and the earth”…(matter).
I often wonder where do you think the material came from to create the “big bang”? What source provided it? Do you have evidence of this material? I would honestly like to know your answer.
If you would open your mind and actually study the scriptures you would see they are accurate.
For instance, for years men believed the world was flat…do you agree they did? Yet, in Scripture Isaiah 40:22, which was written about 2800 years ago, it clearly talks about the earth being a “circle”. (Look it up!) Psalm 8:8 speaks of the “paths of the ocean”. (Ocean currents). (Look it up!) There are many many examples and all are accurate.
I do not want to see you burn in an eternal hell in total darkness. Think about that for just a moment. What if I am right…and you are wrong? Just suppose…there really IS a Hell…(and there is), and you go there when you die. You know one die you shall surely die… that is a fact. What if you end up in eternal torment? You would be begging for God to hear you, but after death there is no chance He will listen. He made it as simple as can be while you are on this earth. All you have to do is… Ask Jesus to come into your life, to forgive you of your sins, then repent and accept Him as your Savior. You will then have eternal life in Paradise.
I realize you believe this all to be foolishness, but the Bible speaks of men who thinking themselves wise become fools. Romans 1:21 and 22. (Look it up!)
I do not want to see you go to Hell Mr. Dawkins. Please take the time to really study what the Bible says….seriously open your mind and listen to the words.
I am praying you will accept Christ as your personal savior.
Thanks for reading this and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

A friend

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