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Dec 2, 2013

Dawkins the great!
I am an atheist. I applaud your work and envy your mind. I feel there is a critical need for conversion of the masses away from religion toward a science based worldview. If we don’t do this soon we may be sent so far backward that it could threaten survival of intelligence on earth (at least for millenia).

Please define and describe a intermediate step (missing link) between conventional religion and pure science that is palatable to the vast majority of uneducated people on earth. You are probably the best person that can do this in a way that respects both science and religion. You understand human evolutionary motivations toward religion better than anyone on this tiny rock we are winging around on. You also understand the potential of this project and the timescale with which social change on this scale can happen. You only need to convince yourself that the masses are not capable of the leap you currently ask them to take and that, although not perfect, the intermediate step would get us all to the ultimate goal fastest.

Please, Please, Please, consider this!!!!!!

I believe this could be your greatest contribution to humanity. Whoever successfully undertakes this task will make one of the greatest contributions to humanity for all time. I believe there is a intellectual power vacuum here; And, if you don’t do this, some less scroupulous person will.

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