At ‘The Houston Cancer Quack,’ Skeptics call on Congress to investigate Stanislaw Burzynski


As regular readers of this blog know, I have cancer, and I believe the law should show no mercy to people who exploit cancer patients and their loved ones. While it's hard to imagine that someone could be so heartless, there are people in the world who profit from our fear, and the lack of education around science and evidence-based medicine. The result of this cruelty: our suffering and death.

One doctor who has been long the target of such "false hope" concern is Stanislaw Burzynski, of "antineoplaston" fame. The Houston-based provider was recently featured in a major investigative takedown in USA Today reported by health journalist Liz Szabo.

Today, Skeptic and pro-science crusader Robert Blaskiewicz shares news of, a new online campaign calling for a congressional investigation into the Burzynski Clinic, and an examination of why the FDA's reviews of their operations have led to little more than hand-slaps. Why is this guy still in business?

Written By: Xeni Jardin
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  1. This guy is a charlatan. “antineoplastons” is a misnomer; it’s a nonsense term that has hijacked the well known term “neoplasm” which in health care of course generally refers to new tissue growth, i.e., cancer, and attaches it to a made up term “plaston” which means nothing, but which is apparently supposed to mean peptides or amino acids or some such thing. Both Mayo Clinic and Sloan Kettering found the therapies from this clown to be worthless treatment protocols. This guy has been stealing money and worse, essentially killing people (by preventing them from benefiting from legitimate therapies) for far too long. This kind of false hope and exploitation needs to be dealt with harshly.

  2. Well apparently he has won one prestigous award:

    In 2013, Burzynski was awarded the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Pigasus Award, which is bestowed each April Fool’s Day on frauds.

    Source: wiki

  3. The number one quack medicine in modern times has to be “chemo therapy.” Time and again we hear of patients with cancer in a given organ, who then have that organ removed, with clear margins, and who are then told months later that their cancer “has returned”.

    From where?

    The dismal truth is that chemo “therapy” demolishes a person’s immune system. Doctors privately discuss whether the chemo “therapy” will kill the patient first, or the tumour, though they signed an oath to “first do no harm”. They are obsessed with the tumour – attacking it, cutting it, burning it, or poisoning the patient half to death in the obsessive hope that the tumour will vanish too.

    They never once stop to ask why, if a tumour were to be transplanted into an other patient, it would be consumed immediately by that patient’s immune system. They never stop to ask why every person on Earth develops cancer many times and never realises it because their immune system destroys it. In the obsession with the tumour, the person’s immune system is ignored. No thought is given to the patient’s food, their internal state, or the unavoidable reality that exposing the tumour to chemo “therapy” causes surviving cells (and there are always millions) to become multiple drug resistant.

    We don’t see articles on this quackery even though people die from it every hour, every day. The so called “skeptics” are skeptical of anything and everything except BigPharma. And this quackery raises hundreds of billions of dollars a year. For what? Not a cure for cancer, certainly!

  4. This is the deal. The treatments for cancer can be horrible. It’s a horrible disease that consists entirely of human cells. So the drugs you use to fight it are drugs designed to kill human cells. But they, in the aggregate, do prolong and improve the quality of lives of cancer patients. But that’s in the aggregate. Individuals may not experience the benefits. But cohorts of patients see improvements overall (cold comfort, I know, to suffering patients). Also, the drugs are getting more selective and are being developed with fewer side effects. What I’ve learned is that brain cancer patients often end up on steroids to reduce swelling in the brain. Swelling is an immune function but when the tumor is encroaching on valuable real estate, suppressing the immune system is what you need to do. I have seen, however, patients on such high doses of steroids at the Burzynski clinic that they come down with thrush, an oral yeast infection. Healthy people don’t get this. End-stage AIDS patients with no immune systems get this.

    And, it is important to consider that even if chemotherapy is a racket (and I’m not convinced it is), it doesn’t make Burzynski’s treatment work. It does not give him a single published medical trial or a mote of respectability in the eyes of his peers.

    In reply to #3 by iain399:

  5. Why is this guy still in business? $100,000 per patient and 8,000 patients to date seems to be the answer.

    Who gives a shit if it’s all crap? We’re talking close on a billion dollars here.

    (No, I have no idea why an untried, untested, unproven and probably demonstrably bogus procedure is allowed by regulators to be offered on these terms. Most sane countries would have closed down this fraud many years earlier).

  6. Talk about preying on the vulnerable, this toe rag is no more than a medical vulture.

  7. “Why is this guy still in business?” is a revealing question I think.

    In my modest book medicine is a vocation not a business. And I think that that lack of unserstanding is partly why the NHS in the UK is in the sorry state it is.

    I would be interested to know just how much knowledge of science and how it works the present Secretary of State for Health possesses.

    When I was a boy, Matron used to rule the roost in hospitals, and you could eat your meals off of the floor; even underneath the bed.

    Now, alas, the joints are run by managers, who last week could well have been running a cup cake factory.

    Nothing wrong with cup cake factories, but I submit that it takes a somewhat different approach and mind set to run one of them than is required to run a medical establishment.

    And it would be so nice if politicians would stop tinkering around with the Health Service – operative word ‘Service’ – in order to simply bolster their careers.

    Further to which, Prime Ministers should stop shuffling their party members from pillar to post to keep them feeling insecure and beholden to them, and let them at least settle down in their posts to learn the brief properly.

    But no, to them it’s all just a game.

    Here endeth my rant of the day.

  8. Why is this guy still in business??…. The real question is “Why is this guy not in jail where he belongs?”

  9. If the FDA has reviewed this guy and he’s still running. I would want to see heads roll at the FDA. Who signed the all clear? Off with their head. Hold public officials accountable, hold them to the fire.

  10. In reply to #8 by NearlyNakedApe:

    Why is this guy still in business??…. The real question is “Why is this guy not in jail where he belongs?”

    It is probably because he is in the USA – the home of “free” enterprise.

    A similar rogue in Europe is being dealt with!

    Breast implants: PIP’s Jean-Claude Mas gets jail sentence –

    The boss of a French company which distributed defective breast implants around the world has been sentenced to four years in prison for fraud.

    Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of the PIP company, was also fined 75,000 euros (£63,000) by a court in Marseille.

    He will remain at liberty until a French court hears an appeal lodged by his lawyer.

    PIP’s sale of faulty implants caused a global health scare which affected about 300,000 women in 65 countries.

    The company was found to have used sub-standard silicone gel – rather than medical-grade silicone – which the result that many implants ruptured.

    Apart from Mas, four other former PIP executives were convicted and given lesser sentences.

    In the US there is a long history of profiteering supported by the medical and insurance lobby.

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