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In the video embedded below, Bill “The Science Guy” Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society, addressed an open letter to President Barack Obama asking him to grant more funding to the sciences and specifically to the study of our solar system.

“Mr. President,” said Nye, “the space program, NASA, is the best brand the United States has.”

All over the world, he said, NASA’s accomplishments in space exploration are celebrated and revered.

“Right now what NASA does best is explore the solar system through the planetary science program,” he continued. The world sat riveted as we lowered a rover on to the surface of Mars and set about exploring our planetary neighbor.

Congress has cut and then restored funding for the planetary science program, but Nye said in his address to the president that the program is too important to subject to the vagaries of political demagogues and their stunts.

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Written By: David Ferguson
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  1. Bill Nye continues to elevate his stock in my eyes. I know his worth is not measured by my approval, but I approve. There are so so so many things that the US could lead the world in.

    Currently, we choose to lead the world in…. well….. categories that are shameful. Why not look to galvanize the hard working good people of the country and put together an epic triumph the stands for the future generations to see? Do the people in power even realize that they could aspire to this goal???? Instead they hate and pray and hate and pray and hate and pray….

  2. Countdown until Fox News makes an indignant and condescending analogy with Bill Nye’s stint on Dancing with the Stars in 3…2…1…

  3. $1.5 billion for a NASA program that will bring some valuable results, technology advances & spin-off knowledge.

    That’s half of what the USA spent in 2007 on homeopathic treatments, with zero results. The USA likely spent more on ‘H2O with memory’ in 2010 than the LHC cost to find Higgs Bosons.

    How about the $80+ billion a year in taxes lost to religious exceptions in the USA, with zero results.

    Compare with the $10 billion spent in the USA in 2012 on cosmetic surgery, with often dubious results.

  4. His enthusiasm is infectious! And unlike most lobbyists he’s doing it for the good of all and not just out of love for the lousy buck.

    But I can imagine voices being raised in opposition on the grounds that if money goes to NASA there will be less for other projects designed simply to make money; there’s nothing wrong in making profits, but it’s pretty paltry if that’s the only motivation for doing something.

    The returns from NASA and other scientific endeavours enhance our lives immeasurably.

    It’ll be interesting to see if a second term President will rise the the challenge.

  5. Nye is passionate, but can he persuade…

    the world sat riveted…

    Er, don’t think local Walmart / feed&seed folk did. Better crops, price of chocolate is at the fore.

    NASA just released new images of Saturn’s hexagon storm that knocks my socks off. However, my friend would say ok, that’s kinda cool but wouldn’t it be better to feed the children of Appalachia instead? We agree all it takes is proper allocation of funds.

  6. In reply to #1 by crookedshoes:

    Why not look to galvanize the hard working good people of the country and put together an epic triumph that stands for future generations to see?

    Happy Pearl Harbor Day.

  7. Every time you turn around we’re sending 1.5 (actually typically 1.6) billion dollars to some Islamic terrorist cause in the Middle East. I guess sending same to a science program would put too much of a crimp in worldwide terrorist activities. But, hey, the Obama administration did say that Muslim outreach was NASA’s primary goal.

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