God has a divine plan, Converts, Mon, Dec 23 2013 #(2248)

Dec 23, 2013

Dear Sir
I used to believe that God has a divine plan. The other day I was talking to my mother about how great that god is, he’s is in me, he’s in you, he’s is everywhere in everyone. He makes us talk us he makes us go to where he wants, he makes us think what to think about and also he controls us all. And she was like, yes my beloved and sincere child.
But somehow now I am wondering, how could possibly he make us think about himself, when he himself is in us. He himself makes us talk about himself. Also, he himself prays to himself to get relief from some kind of pain, that he himself is giving to himself and also, he thinks he himself is almighty and great. Either I am stupid, idiot, ignorant or either the almighty god himself is. I am so sorry about the previous line I used for myself or god or maybe he himself used for himself, but he himself made himself or me to write those words and, he himself is making himself or me think this way.
He himself made so many himself’s so that he could praise and donate to himself. But, now I have stopped believing in myself or god stopped believing himself.
God bless us all or I could say God bless himself or maybe I bless myself. And I thanks myself or god for making such a divine plan for himself.


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