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Dec 23, 2013

Dear Dr Dawkins
I grew up as a muslim in a muslim society. i’m Tunisian, 19, born and spent the first 18 years of my life in Tunisia. I was a dedicated and quiet religious muslim. Then was the so called “revolution”. And i really took it seriously. I took critical thinking to heart. My position was that those who truely believe wouldn’t be afraid from criticism. Well, you can see quiet well how that ended up :D. I became an atheist a couple of months before i turned 18. It was only later that I realised the fact that those who really believed Tunisia had a revolution were few, now that islamists are on the rise.
My atheism is the pure product of my own critical thinking, and a short reaserch on astronomy and cosmology. I only came to learn about mister Dawkins a while later. And although i wouldn’t agree with a lot of his opinions on muslims and islam, i admire him as a cool guy who had great contributions t o the secular and scientific cause.
I am in no way ashamed of my atheism. But i’m under quiet a difficult situation. I would have otherwise came out as an atheist a year ago. so, i’ll remain anonymous, for the time being

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