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Dec 13, 2013

Firstly, I want to clarify that I am only an adolescent school girl, unknown, no letters after my name, nor am I a best selling author. My knowledge of science only expands to the equivalent of a biology GCSE at grade B, and I take little fascination in the more mathematical side of life. Yet I am a born- again Christian who loves Jesus. All my moral beliefs are based in this beautiful, exciting, faith ( I dislike the word religion) and because of The Lord Jesus I am filled with a love that allows me to forgive as he forgave us, and to love all human because His love took him to the cross at Calvary. I am therefore content with the simple pleasures of life as I know that my destination after he calls me home is eternal life with him, which is more than simply becoming good compost. I am not here to have a debate or ramble out philosophical facts, rather I am here to tell you their is a Lord who loves you and who formed you in your mothers womb. I pray for you to love The Lord Jesus as he loves you. I want to conclude by asking one question- if there is no God, and we are therefore a random mutation sprung from a meaningless coincidence- who gave you a conscience and the ability to make the decision to become an Athiest? Animals have no soul or conscience, so how can we have radically evolved from a creature with such a lack of intelligence? You are a clever man Mr Dawkins, and this is should be straightforward- are human beings with a magnificently crafted brain really related to chimps that sit in trees eating flees?
May The Lord bless you
Christian Girl

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