Measles cases in U.S. rise; most unvaccinated, CDC says


The USA is experiencing a spike in measles, with 175 confirmed cases and 20 hospitalizations so far this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That's about three times the usual number of cases of measles, CDC Director Thomas Frieden said Thursday. The USA has seen nine outbreaks this year, with the largest in New York, North Carolina and Texas.

More than 98% of measles patients were unvaccinated, Frieden said.

"This isn't the failure of a vaccine; it's the failure to vaccinate," Frieden said.

The USA's overall measles vaccination rate remains high.

In fact, measles has been officially eliminated throughout the Western Hemisphere. That means that measles, unlike the flu, no longer circulates among the general population.

Written By: Liz Szabo
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  1. Anti-vaxxers should be charged with medical terrorism and made to pay the social costs…. Mac.

  2. Sadly this is a repeat of what happened in my home town, which was the scene of a measles epidemic because of an unwillingness to vaccinate.

  3. (sarcasm on) When the anti-vaxxers find out we invented anti-vax as a way to cull the herd of the ignorant and their offspring they’re going to be pissed they fell for it. I can’t believe it worked (sarcasm off)

  4. What most angers me about these anti-vaxxers is that they are standing on their so-called “principles” at the expense of their children. I would ask them if a parent who didn’t “believe” in the safety and efficacy of seatbelts would have a right to just lay an infant down in the back seat and let it takes its chances that the parent won’t be involved in an accident. My bet is that most would be appalled at the idea – yet dicing with their child’s life is exactly what they’re doing when they don’t vaccinate.

  5. I think they should publish a graph to show this spike. overlaid with a graph showing diagnosese of autism mayby…?

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