1. In reply to #3 by Fouad Boussetta:

    what kind of tree does he have…

    Looks to be a type of fir, and the top third at that. Didn’t realize they were sold that way until recently.

    Perfect for small spaces – yet, disconcerting, as if it were beheaded o-O.

  2. It might have been fun to copy and paste that photo onto Ray Comfort’s Facebook page and watch the reaction!

  3. Three astounding efforts… you can see the minimalistic principles behind Mr. Harris’s execution, and yet a very traditional approach by Dr. Dawkins with ribbons and matching curtains––Nice touch there––but I think it’s clear who the winner is.

  4. Who says atheists are sourpusses who don’t enjoy a celebration with all the trimmings?

  5. I’m pretty sure Sam got the tree from the garage where he stored it from last year with the decorations still intact.

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