Name Our Volunteer Team

Dec 11, 2013

We're starting a volunteer team, a "brain trust", to help with outreach, the website, and to build content writing articles and drawing cartoons. See the 5 volunteer groups below.

Submit your answers in the comments below.

What should we call it? What's our motto? If we threw a big annual party for volunteers, what should happen there?


We now have 5 Volunteer Groups:

Content: Write articles, contribute music, video, or cartoons, bringing millions of eyeballs to your name and website.

Community: Help to administrate a chat forum or social media, a great way to meet people and speak the truth.

Foreign language: Help our Spanish, German, and other language websites.

Website: Help with UX design, WordPress, and Ruby on Rails.

Outreach: Public relations and partnering with secular groups. For example, we're planning Richard's US 2014 tour!

If you're interested in volunteering for any of the above, or have other talents that you like to put towards the fight for reason and science please email Johnny at

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95 comments on “Name Our Volunteer Team

  • Most likely! I meant it more as a silly joke, though I’d pay cash money to see Dr Dawkins et al act out the opening credits.

    In reply to #2 by joyce.beck.9081:

    The A Team, of course! But there might by copyright problems with that.

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  • 6
    LindaRosaRN says:

    NAME: The Atheist Work Corp

    MOTTO: “We Volunteer to Help Others, Not to Get into Heaven”

    The conference should have great food and allow volunteers to speak about their experiences.

    The RDF should expand its interest in volunteerism to include an interest in the activities of individual volunteers and local groups who are working to better society. For example, it would be good to invite to your conference any in-the-trenches atheists working to stop corporal punishment or the intrusion of religion into public schools in their state.

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  • 7
    Zeuglodon says:

    The Spinal Corps.

    “Supports reason. Supports science. Supports humanity.”

    How about just a friendly intellectual group discussion on the Big Questions of science and philosophy, of the sort described as “group dorm sessions”? Nothing like being able to air one’s deeper views or listen to others in comfortable and friendly surroundings.

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  • 12
    melanie.t.doyle.5 says:

    I want to say something really awful like “Heathen Helpdesk”, so I think I will. It’s about all I’ve got. Or maybe “Heretic Helpdesk”.

    I don’t know about events, but gosh I sure like fire and burning things. So I vote for that. Bonfires of useless crap; invaders and persecutors were always fond of torching things and people, so maybe that would be nice.

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  • 13
    melanie.t.doyle.5 says:

    In reply to #12 by melanie.t.doyle.5:

    I want to say something really awful like “Heathen Helpdesk”, so I think I will. It’s about all I’ve got. Or maybe “Heretic Helpdesk”.

    I don’t know about events, but gosh I sure like fire and burning things. So I vote for that. Bonfires of useless crap; invaders and persecutors were always fond of… oooh crap before the NSA/whatnot/spyalgorhythm gets all over my ass NO I did not mean/say to burn people. Just harmless stuff…

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  • 14
    melanie.t.doyle.5 says:

    Motto- or customer service pitch: “Heathen Helpdesk; How may I serve your blasphemous needs today”?

    I’m a little serious. But I’ve probably had too much religion & customer service in my life to not be chronically snarky. It’s a disease one acquires over time. (I’ll stop posting now)

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  • 15
    Corbyn42 says:

    Name: Richard Dawkins Volunteers for Reason and Science – RDVRS

    Or, as already mentioned, “A-Team” (of course spelled with an proper atheist-“A” symbol)

    Motto: Working for a Secular World

    The annual party should in any case include a speech from Richard, also some stories about recent achievements by volunteers and perhaps an atheistic comedy/satire (e.g. someone like Eddie Izzard could be invited) finally of course lots of food, drinking and prayers. Haha, just kidding, I meant “pleasures”! 😉

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  • 20
    Modesti says:

    My suggestions are:
    name of team: “The Real World”
    motto: “Naturally – Nature! “, or “Simply Natural”, or “Nurture Nature”, or something in that sense 🙂
    as for annual party: few good speakers like prof.R.Dawkins, prof.S.Greenfield, a stories of volunteers, some game where you can win a dvd or a book, subsription on some science magazine,… 🙂

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  • 22
    Aureliano Buendia says:

    I agree with Corbyn42 about name.
    Name: Richard Dawkins Volunteers for Reason and Science – RDVRS or A volunteers
    Motto: Science works, bitches

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  • 24
    michael gill says:

    What should we call it?
    The Dorks

    What’s our motto?
    Etiam non opinione ea opinione carentiam

    If we threw a big annual party for volunteers, what should happen there?
    Anything you want.

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  • 28
    FecklessFlea says:

    The Dawkinseians or The Reality Rangers. Reality Resources, Reason Resources, Human Resources (ha!) THE PRIESTS OF PI hahaha. Though it’s too narrow really and the term priest is tainted. I was just going for cheap alliteration. –

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  • 32
    Tintern says:

    Mottos: When the going gets tough, the tough get smart.
    Free the people, one brain at a time.
    Close the pearly gates and open pearly minds (ew, that’s a bit cheesy).

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  • 35
    palvaradog says:

    “The Hitchs”, Motto: Freethinkers for the rapid expansion of wisdom. This motto comes with the responsibility of finding the best and fastest interdisciplinary ways to transmit and generate human knowledge. The Party should showcase the best work of volunteer groups, should be beautifully documented and edit a book or magazine with inicitatives, art, articles, whatever the groups generate. Maybe some kind of award and maybe a price to help finance the best projects.

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  • 37
    phil rimmer says:

    Reason’s Minions

    (I like the lack of arrogance.)

    Motto: Living better.

    (I like the focus on the living and the modest ambition of better and the morality implied.)

    (Imagine a link here to Quine’s excellent site and his piece on betterism.)


    The party should invite groups of religious people along who want to come and pair them up with a willing Minion for a part of the time at least. (I don’t like making isolated groups too much and a policy of visible openness will pay dividends.)

    Run a few TED like slots for the best material generated or programs initiated. Gotta get some praise in for good work done.

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  • 40
    ArchAtheist says:


    The Atheism Advancement Team



    Dawkins Volunteer Corps

    The Anti-Delusion Crew … Abolish The God Delusion

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  • 41
    Timothy McNamara says:

    Name: The Antidote

    Motto: Reality Inspires

    Event: Talks by scientist speakers invited via mass votes by members, and a few members selected by the administration. Said members could display short film or cartoons of theirs. Prize awarded for the (group of?) volunteers with the most impressive tale. Perhaps the prize is a seat at the Professor’s table for the evening?

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  • 45
    daniebeth says:


    Able Thinking Honest Educated Informed Scientific Thoughtful Samaritans


    Appreciate Thinking Honesty Education Information Substantiation Technology Science


    Aligned Together Helping Educating Informing Scientific Truthful Solutions


    Aligned Together Helping Educating Informing Supporting Thinking Science

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  • 46
    phil rimmer says:

    Well , seven years of happy and productive posting here brought to an end by fatuous moderation. I changed my post to be formally compliant and still it was totally deleted rather than edited.

    I suspect this will remain here for five or ten minutes. Three strikes and I’m out.

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  • In reply to #46 by phil rimmer:

    Well , seven years of happy and productive posting here brought to an end by fatuous moderation. I changed my post to be formally compliant and still it was totally deleted rather than edited.

    Did you get deleted for something you did not link to? If it was something of mine that you did not link to, I would be very sad if that caused you to leave after so many years. 🙁

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  • 57
    byrock11 says:

    NAME: Global Alliance to Erradicate Religion (GAER) or
    International Association for the Cure of Religiosity

    MOTTO: Tree thinking!!

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  • What should we call it?
    Thinkers (simple and to the point)

    What’s our motto?
    “In Reason We Trust” or “In Reason and Science We Trust” (for obvious reasons… and pun intended)

    If we threw a big annual party for volunteers, what should happen there?
    I think it would depend on the actual size of the group, resources availability, location, and time of the year.

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  • I suggest “Earthlings”.

    People of the Earth – not the clouds. Realist residents of this planet. In tune with Mother Nature. Humble acceptors of their place in the Universe(s).

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  • 61
    Bonzabones says:

    What we should call it: Cerebral Sustenance
    Our Motto: Supporting the secular soul
    What happens at the party: What’s a party without good food and beverages?
    Plus group input to targets, methodology and media

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  • 62
    RationalConclusion says:

    From what I understand the purpose of the group is to use science, reason and critical thinking to seek out, understand and promote truth.

    As such I would name the group ‘Truth Seekers’.

    The motto would be ‘Because truth is better than fiction’, a play on the phrase ‘truth is stranger than fiction’.

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  • 63
    Zeuglodon says:

    Are multiple entries permissible? If so, I’d like to add a second, but if not, then please ignore the previous suggestion I gave and replace it with this one:

    Bright Ideas

    “Allay your fears, bring your ideas, and enjoy the talk with like-minded peers!”

    Er… Same party ideas as previous post. I got nothin’ new here. 🙁

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  • 65
    catherine.wright.505 says:

    What should we call it? “Garden of Heathens”
    What’s our motto? “Overcoming superstitions by opening one mind at a time.”

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  • 73
    Penguin says:

    What should we call it? Universe Wonderers
    What’s our motto? Science is the poetry of reality! (A quote from Mr. Dawkins, that is inspiring and points out, that the volunteers just wants to share what is beautiful in real world, not put down anyone beliefs)

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  • 75
    danidear says:

    DIVRS (pronounced “divers”) – Dawkins’ International Volunteers for Reason and Science

    Motto: Bettering the world with bright ideas.

    Party: Night Dive, an ocean/underwater/scuba themed evening party. Could be held at an aquarium.

    The High Dive, a fun summertime pool party.

    Sky Dive, an aerial themed party. Could be held at an indoor sky diving facility. (Or actually go sky diving!)

    Submarine themed… (Dive! Dive! Dive! … ok maybe I’m stretching here…)

    The point is that there are many possibilities for memorable, exciting, and interactive parties, especially if you want to vary the event from year to year. Also, any of these themes provide great learning opportunities about scuba, the ocean, marine life, flight, aerodynamics, etc. Fun facts, trivia, or even guest speakers could easily be a part of each event so that even when you’re having fun, you’re still promoting learning and inspiring wonder.

    I think DIVRS is catchy and provides many ways that “diving” could be used as a fun unifying theme for organizational lingo, ideas for events, and just for pun…, I mean fun. 🙂

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  • 77
    susan.lloyd.3576 says:

    When I was a teen, and I wanted my parents to change how they thought of me, so I endeavored to highlight (in a playful way) the simple truth of who I was in the family. I was “The Good Kid” : always there to help and be supportive and living a good life through good deeds. I playfully signed all my cards and notes with it, and it worked really well for reminding them that I wasn’t the “bad guy” in the scenario. I was The Good Kid. You’d be surprised what a difference it made.

    With that in mind, I suggest we call them “(The) Good People”.

    It’s easy to remember, secular, positive, and a good PR move. It reaffirms the idea in people’s minds that we are good people, too. The logo possibilities almost write themselves.

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  • 82
    AussieAtheist says:

    The Good Atheist
    Motto Doing good things without religion

    Something simple that isn’t too derogatory towards Christians. Only because we want to engage conversation with them and maybe make them think about their delusion or better still change their belief. And when (they always do) they start talking rubbish you can unleash on them your knowledge and then they can’t say where like them with mean t shirts and banners etc. Michael Watkins

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  • 83
    Markus Knopp says:

    The bright’s fights. The where religion with a sigh ends is science.
    We take “super” instead of “stition”,
    We take reason instead of reasoff. And with best wishes for a merry secular christmas and a happy New Year: Good tidings we bring to you from Dawkin.

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  • 84
    hatzilla says:

    name proposals:

    1. The Humanist Corps – my personal favorite, similarity to “The Peace Corps” is quite appealing

    2. The Order of Secular Humanists – fun, but maybe too aristocratic?

    3. Humanist Alliance! (HA!) – fun, but maybe too easily mistaken for American Humanist Association?

    4. The Dawkins Foundationeers

    5. The Dawkins League

    6. Friends of Reason

    Sorry to take up so much screen space, had some formatting difficulties with the comment posting system.

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  • 85
    Fernando Oleiro says:

    “Sim eu sei, quero e posso! Evolução a razão da ciência para a verdade!”
    “A verdade da ciência para a evolução da razão! Sim eu posso quero e sei!”
    “A Evolução! Sistema de educação, medição e avaliação de valores, para a razçao da ciência!” A Evolução Humana criou deuses, a razão da ciência fá-los evoluir!” “Para seguir: Ciência, Tecnologia, Investigação, A Evolução de Darwin e para todos, Memória, Inteligência e Consciência Artificial, Biologia Sintética.”
    Eu tento ser. “Didáctico e Divertido, Flexível e Versátil.” Estas são a minha contribuição para a vossa escolha. Parabens pelo contribuito e esforço para a divulgação da ciência e a razão. Um abraço a toda a equipa.

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  • 86
    Fernando Oleiro says:

    “Yes I know, and I want! Evolution reason of science to the truth!”
    “The truth of science to the development of reason Yes I can and I want to know!”
    “The Evolution! Education, measurement and evaluation system of values​​, to razçao science!” The Human Evolution created gods, the reason of science makes them evolve “” To follow: Science, Technology, Research, Darwin’s Evolution and for all, Memory, Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology. “!
    I try to be. “Didactic and Fun, Flexible and Versatile.” These are my contribution to your choice. Congratulations for contribuito and effort for the dissemination of science and reason. A hug to all the team.

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  • 93
    Katy Cordeth says:

    In reply to #94 by Zeuglodon:

    So, who won?

    Who won what? There’s no mention of any competition component in the OP.

    I… I sort of thought there was when this thread was originally posted, but apparently I was mistaken.

    Twilight Zone music inserted here.

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  • 94
    Katy Cordeth says:

    Seriously, am I just being dense as usual, or has the text of this thread been altered to remove any mention of a competition?

    Was something else posted which named the winner of the copy of An Appetite for Wonderment which I missed?

    I’m not really bothered; if RDFRS wants to gaslight its loyal followship, I’m down with that – ha… ha,
    a ha, ha ha, ahem, ha ha. hum

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