Peace to Us All

Dec 24, 2013

Discussion by: Nordic11

As a Christian, this time of year refocuses my attention on peace and hope for our speck of rock hurtling through this vast universe.  As an RD member for several years, I've regretted some of things I've written (my sincere apologies to those I've offended), but I've learned much from the members on this site and have felt encouraged by the support and kindness of many members.  I thought that for a day (or a thread), we could put our differences aside, and I want to wish all of you the very best life has to offer during this holiday season and 2014.  May you know deep peace, look forward to the new year with great hope, and enjoy a refreshing rest during the holidays.

Peace and blessings to you all!


29 comments on “Peace to Us All

  • Wonderful sentiment, Nordic. This is what I want for every day, for everyone. How do we (believers and non-believers) take this “support and kindness” to “put our differences aside” and use this new found energy to help provide “the very best life has to offer” for all people for all seasons for all years? That is my wish; that is my hope. Let’s work together to reduce suffering for humanity.

    How often is this forum used to coordinate groups to go out and build hope for others? I wish I had more time.

    Live a good life,


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  • Have you been nipping at the Christmas ale a little early today? :-p Thanks for the sentiment, all the best to you and to all here.


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    crookedshoes says:

    I have always enjoyed your input here and think that we are more alike than different. I hope your holiday is full of all the things that you value and cherish.

    The same sentiment extends to all who read this.

    Sample, I have been chopping and cooking and laughing since 8 am (at my in laws getting the 7 plus fish together for our tradition). But, it IS 1 o’clock…. I see some Crown Royal in my near future!

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    Steven007 says:

    All others have said it well. Best to you and yours. @ crooked – it’s Canadian Club for me! And/or Glenfiddich. Decisions, decisions…

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    Stephen of Wimbledon says:

    Thank you Nordic.

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014 too.

    As I nearly always do I wish all at RDFRS, and all readers:


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    Mr DArcy says:

    Of course Nordic’s sentiments are noble, and thank you for your shared humanity. I know from what you have posted elsewhere on this site that you have your own problems, hah, don’t we all !

    But there again every Christmas and Easter, the Pope prays publicly for peace on Earth, and every year God apparently ignores his prayers. You, Nordic, are smart, as are the Popes. When will you learn the lesson ?

    PEACE !

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    CdnMacAtheist says:

    Hi Nordic.
    I hope that between the Winter Solstice and the New Year you have a suitable celebration that enriches your world view.
    I have learned a lot here in 3+ years to greatly expand upon my appreciation of reality on top of my lifetime non-theism.
    The level of commentary here is excellent, with huge knowledge brought to bear on areas of interest, as we saw in our exchanges….
    Have a good New Year…. Mac.

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  • 12
    Catfish says:

    Instead of going into “deep peace” how about we each spend a few minutes raising awareness of important issues like the “Slave Country” known as North Korea and their plans to develop nuclear technology while the population starves and drinks from sewers. Don’t say there is nothing I can do. There is always something. Send an email to your local government member asking about policy in regard to North Korea is better than nothing. If you are not keen on the North Korean issue then pick another (after careful study of course) but we should all do something every day.

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    catphil says:

    In reply to #12 by Catfish:

    Instead of going into “deep peace” how about we each spend a few minutes raising awareness of important issues like the “Slave Country” known as North Korea .and their plans to develop nuclear technology while the population starves and drinks from sewers. Don’t say there is nothing I can do. ..

    I agree with you. One may indulge in a little “peace and love”, or even “benedictus benedicat” stuff at this time, but more practical activism-being part of global public opinion- is likely to be more productive. North Korea is a prime target, but there are other good causes. is an example of an activism tool that has yielded good results. .

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    David R Allen says:

    Having just endured Christmas, I wonder if another type of Winter (Summer in the South) Solstice celebration could be championed by the secular. Have it on the Solstice, instead on the sloppy astronomy that defines Christmas. I think it should also encompass the New Year, again because the current new year is an arbitrary calender. The solstice is the turning of the seasons.

    I like the theme of family getting together, of reconciliation and commitment to rational decision making. No gifts. (The gifts I received for Christmas were a total waste of carbon.) A focus on personal responsibility for ones health and well being, with the implied responsibility of respect for the planet, which is a closed and limited system.. No glutinous feasts of artery hardening substances washed down by copious quantities of aggression inducing alcohol. I enjoy a glass of wine with my meal.

    What do you think. What other properties should a Secular Solstice celebration possess.

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  • Nordic – thank you for the message and as a devout atheist I too wish to see peace on earth and goodwill to all men (in the collective men, women children meaning of the word).

    I agree that these wishes won’t change the world, but if we can persuade the majority to hold the same wish and not be silent about it then the world would change! Sadly the majority who voice the wishes have a definite view that what peace means is everybody else doing what the well wisher wants,

    David R – great idea. We can extend the festive season by bringing back a solstice celebration on 21st after all Christmas and New Year celebrations are just mistimed hi-jackings of the older rites, if we make the season run from 21st to 1st Jan we can encompass just about every major, and several minor celebrations into one. Not sure how we accommodate the Jedi amongst us but…..

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  • 19
    BenCarollo says:

    I am glad a christian can open his mind up an gladly celebrate a pagan holiday, the solstice is indeed an astronomical wonder and we should all celebrate its function in our yearly climate cycle.

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  • 20
    phil rimmer says:

    Late to the party as ever…

    I hope you are having a peaceful and enjoyable time with your family, Nordic. Merry Christmas, and (fervently) a Happier New Year.

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  • 21
    Nordic11 says:

    Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. Peace and prosperity to you in 2014, and hopefully we can look for opportunities to improve our world next year.

    I also love the celebrations during solstices ideas. Perhaps the equinoxes could be thrown in as well.


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  • 22
    Mr DArcy says:


    I also love the celebrations during solstices ideas. Perhaps the equinoxes could be thrown in as well.


    Bloody hell Nordic, we’ll never get any work done !

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  • In reply to #15 by Fouad Boussetta:

    Atheists, work with us for peace, Pope says on Christmas

    What the Pope actually said (in translation) was; “”I invite even non-believers to desire peace. (Join us) with your desire, a desire that widens the heart. Let us all unite, either with prayer or with desire, but everyone, for peace,”

    He implied, insultingly, that non-believers had to be asked to ‘desire’ peace. Of course we ‘desire’ peace. This gaffe was because he departed from his script and was not deliberately insulting, I suppose. But, essentially, he’s proposing wishful thinking. A self-congratulatory and pointless strategy. After centuries of pleading with God, popes should finally have understood that they have no influence with supernatural authority whatsoever.

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  • 24
    Dubhlinneach says:

    Thank you, Nordic11. You have demonstrated the finest and most decent characteristics of our species (and the best of Christianity too). A very happy Christmas and a great New Year to you and all who are connected to you.

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  • 25
    phil rimmer says:

    In reply to #22 by Nordic11:

    I also love the celebrations during solstices ideas. Perhaps the equinoxes could be thrown in as well.

    Cracking idea.

    I think helping us feel more rooted to the seasons and their changes is great. For myself rediscovering the aesthetic delights of autumn and spring fresh each year is wonderful. Spring feels like coming up for air from a long slow-motion dive. Autumn is a visual stunner, the long low light heightening the intense, gorgeous colours all framed by deep shadows. I’ll drink to that….

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  • 26
    dandelionfluff says:

    Thank you, Nordic, and the same to you! Though I’m only here sporadically, it’s always nice to see you around. πŸ™‚

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  • I have to correct #24., as far as what the Pope actually said is concerned. I had trouble tracking down the original Italian since his words were off script and not in the original text. I don’t know Italian all that well but it looks like he was ALSO inviting non-believers to focus on peace, not ‘even non-believers’. This is the final text from the Vatican and it includes the off-the-cuff remarks (which they’ve tidied up for grammar).

    E invito anche i non credenti a desiderare la pace, con il loro desiderio, quel desiderio che allarga il cuore: tutti uniti, o con la preghiera o con il desiderio. Ma tutti, per la pace.

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  • When was it that wishing someone ‘peace’ became the salutation of choice? I have to say that to my old English ears it sounds like inauthentic Newspeak, like a shop assistant hoping I ‘have a nice day’ and telling me to ‘take care’. Peace and love? Really? Doesn’t it strike anyone but me as being a bit soppy? What’s wrong with ‘Have a nice Christmas!’? I wonder what Orwell would have made of such developments. I suppose it’s all just part of the increasing feminization of society.

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  • 29
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