Philadelphia Archdiocese removes 5 priests from ministry


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia says it has resolved all but one of the cases involving allegations of child sex abuse by priests with the announcement Sunday that five more priests have been removed from ministry, CBS Philadelphia reported Sunday.

More than a year ago, Father Michael Chapman was cleared of an abuse allegation by the archdiocese's review board and deemed suitable for ministry. But archdiocese spokesman Ken Gavin says Chapman — most recently of the Ascension of Our Lord parish — has again been removed, for a subsequent and substantiated abuse allegation.

"He had never been returned to a parish," Gavin said. "He was placed right back on administrative leave and that's where he remained."

Gavin says four other priests were removed for having violated standards of ministerial behavior and boundaries, not actual abuse.

"They have done something that would not necessarily rise to the level of criminal activity, it does not rise to the level of sexual abuse of a minor," he said. "But it is something that indicates they're not suitable for ministry in the priesthood."

Written By: CBS News
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  1. In reply to #2 by A3Kr0n:

    In reply to #1 by David W:

    Yes, we need more people talking about shutting down this organization. Any other would have been shut down a long time ago, and all the buildings bulldozed. Sandyhook Elementary was recently bulldozed, and that was caused by the act of one man and a gun. Also, the house in Ohio where the kidnapped girls were found was bulldozed, and that was because of the act of one man.
    Just think of all the thousands of children that have been abused by all the clergy over the decades, and the church is STILL OPEN!

  2. I think a Royal Commission in the UK and Canada, as is currently under way in Australia, along with a national Grand Jury in the US, is the only way to properly draw a line under this despicable organisation. Allowing it to meander with the vagaries of self-regulation has resulted in no less than the abominable circumstance we now have before us.

    No. This monstrous organisation must be routed of its malignancy. A prima facie case has been substantiated of criminal acts and decisions that have been perpetrated to the top of the organisation. It must account for its felonious behaviour.

  3. Nothing is going to get done unless the RCC gets the fumigators in and sadly that is not going to happen.

  4. “they’re not suitable for ministry in the priesthood.”

    Well, I disagree; the precedent for their suitability has been set many tens of thousands of times, has it not?

    And where else, may one ask, could they hope to get away with raping children?

    Again, I ask, am I being prejudiced? Since my judgement is not a priori but a posteriori I don’t think I am.

  5. We have dealt with the issue with the least amount of punishment we could imagine and did not involve the police despite the crimes committed. We hope these efforts demonstrate our devotion to those we serve (ourselves).

  6. So what is it that draws these slugs in to the RCC? This is what needs to be addressed. I believe it is the thought of unfettered access to children and others who have been so indoctrinated with nonsense and who have been led to believe that priests and other liars for God deserve a high level of reverence and respect that attracts deviates and scum.

    These people instil fear into others who are so in awe that they leave themselves open to all manner of abuse. The victims even believe it when they are told that it’s being done to them in God’s name and they’ll go to heaven for letting the abuser succeed.

    In the real World these people would be placed on sex offenders and pedophile lists and all the RCC does is move them around in the hope that people in their new diocese will not know of their crimes.

    Clean up your act, RCC or close up your whole kit and caboodle and let humanity be.

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