Religious People are the true terrible people. Fri, Dec 13 2013 #(2204)

Dec 13, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,

I enjoyed reading your book ‘The God Delusion.” For me it more or less cemented what I already believe and has even given me confidence to no longer hide it from people I already know (such as friends or family) or people I will eventually meet. That being said though some of the family is not to thrilled as one member has decided to stop talking to me and treat me like I am this horrible person all of a sudden and all because I reveled that I did not believe in god. Others have been far more cool with it and haven’t treated me differently or looked at me differently. Hell even my very religious girlfriend is still with me after learning of my nonbelief. I just find it hypocritical and intolerant of people like the family member I mentioned to all of a sudden turn on me just cause I don’t believe their delusions and that is why I say that religious people in general are really the terrible people of the world.

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