1. “people say they yearn for something more. How much more do you want?”

    Love that quote and the passion with which it was delivered.

  2. Oh,… this is so BEAUTIFUL, SO BEAUTIFUL !!! This is a proper New Year greeting card ! Thank You.

  3. Thank you Richard, and the quote about open minds is now an essential part of my debating repertoire.

  4. The poetry of the real world. No superstitious nonsense required. Thank you, Mr. Dawkins for opening our minds and showing us the road to reason. I wish your message gets across all of humanity because it is direly needed.

  5. Nicely done. The way it was all put together, along with the dialogue, reminded me a bit of Carl Sagan and Cosmos. Videos like this should be spread far and wide.

  6. Very nicely done- and I love the quote about appealing to laypeople- like me. That appreciating and understanding the natural world is not merely an elite academic pursuit, but should be integrated into our culture. We need this a lot; partly because we’re destroying far too much of the natural world out of a lack of respect for it.

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