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Dec 13, 2013

Honored Prof. Dawkins, dear readers
I want to thank you, Professor, for all the time you invest in the cause against religious bullying. I know that as a scientist you probably enjoy your research more that the discussions with the religious.
Having gone to school in Germany, where a religion class is the default in public schools from the first grade to the last, I know how frustrating debating with the religious can be. Lucky to discover early on that the only difference between the works of Tolkien and the Bible is that people believe the latter to have some truth to it, I was often forced to argue not only against my fellow classmates but also against my teachers.
While my later teachers respected that I could make a very good case for my position, those in elementary school tried to scare me into believing their nonsense. Many of my classmates either choose to believe the teacher that I was evil for doubting the “lord” or were told to avoid me by their parents.
It was only when we got proper science education, especially biology and evolution, that some of them realized I was right or at least justified in my critique of religion and its underling mythology.
I tell you this story to demonstrate how important it is that we do stand up for science education, when people would rather have their religious nonsense taught in school. This would not only blind students to the beauty science but grievously affect the way they treat people who do not share their faith, too.

Sebastian Koenig

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